Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another race hoax exposed?

Meet Nick Kasoff of Ferguson, Mo. (a suburb of St. Louis). He is a former radio talk show host and a home-computer consultant. He owns rental properties.

Mr. Kasoff is also politically active. He was a delegate to the Missouri Republican convention in May.

Kasoff supported Ron Paul, but now he’s backing John McCain. “At this point, I will do whatever I can to prevent socialist Barak Obama from being elected as President,” he wrote in a recent online comment.

Nick Kasoff spends a lot of time on the Internet. In January 2007, he launched a website called the Thug Report – a Drudge-style links list devoted to “urban crime news.”

Almost all of the criminals Mr. Kasoff showcases are black. And he uses ghetto dialect in some of his headlines. Such as:

“Cali bangaz recruit kids”

“Chicago killaz get teen girl”

“St. Louis shoota hits 1”

“Texas rappa gets 30 in slaying”

Occasionally, Kasoff will mock the names of black suspects by posting a snarky caption along with their mug shots. Example: “My name Santwoine. My name Raevon.”

I have no problem with any of that. There is a shitload of black violent crime in America. If Nick Kasoff wants to focus on that, he has a right to.

And if somebody else wants to launch a website devoted to white criminals or Hispanic criminals, that is their right.

At least Kasoff isn’t hiding his identity. He has posted comments on message boards as “Nick Kasoff – The Thug Report.”

Alas, I am convinced that Nick Kasoff is perpetrating much darker mischief.

In May 2007, I first blogged about an anonymous troublemaker masquerading as various members of a supposed black racist cult led by “Prophet Yacub 7 Ali.”

These so-called “Negro Sun Worshippers” – under numerous pseudonyms on numerous blogs – claimed the ability to inflict skin cancers on white people with just a look.

An affiliated hoax was the “Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights Competition,” whereby the hoaxer pretends to celebrate high-profile murders of white people by black criminals.

The hoaxer spread vicious lies about white female victims such as Channon Christian... suggesting that Ms. Christian wanted to be tortured and killed by blacks as a kinky sex thing.

At least one gullible online “journalist” – Nicholas Stix – wrote about the “Ghetto Bragging Rights” phenomenon as if it represented actual “black supremacists.”

Whereas I speculated that it was the creation of one race-baiting troll. And now I have a prime suspect: Nick Kasoff.

The “Ghetto Bragging Rights”/Yacub 7 Ali masquerade continues... on a series of anonymous WordPress blogs:

Ghetto Bragging Rights

Underprivileged Journalism

Underprivileged American Features

Underprivileged Cartoons

Digital Monkeys

God Damn (white) America

Here is my circumstantial evidence that Nick Kasoff is behind all of it:

1. The Ghetto Bragging Rights and Underprivileged Journalism blogs feature links to the Thug Report site.

2. Black mug shots featured on Kasoff’s Thug Report also turn up on the anonymous hoax sites... like this one of rapper DMX:

The first wave of Yacub 7 Ali/Ghetto Bragging Rights sites appeared in February 2007... one month after Kasoff registered the Thug Report domain name.

4. Kasoff’s desire to “do whatever I can to prevent socialist Barak Obama from being elected” would explain the latest wrinkle in the Yacub 7 Ali mythology... something called the “God Damn America Movement.”

(That refers, of course, to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.)

Kasoff’s Thug Report links to a “G*d d@mn America blog” (underprivilegedjournalism. wordpress.com).

5. Who would be motivated to carry on such an elaborate deception as this Yacub 7 Ali/Ghetto Bragging Rights business – for no apparent purpose – over 18 months?

Someone obsessed with black crime.

Check out the Thug Report for yourself and see if that shoe doesn’t fit Mr. Kasoff.

I think I found a good phrase for this type of shenanigans last month, when I busted another white guy pretending to be a black radical online: Racist political witchcraft.

Evidently Nick Kasoff has never heard of “karma.” You can’t put out bad vibes on the intertubes without it bouncing back on you eventually.

UPDATE (08/01/08): Nick Kasoff’s response to this post is here.


Kellybelle said...

Don't get this fellow at all. Sure he has the right to do it, but why? That seems like an awful lot of energy to expend. He could be playing golf, or raising money for orphans, or dating.

You have to have a lot of hate to devote yourself to a ruse like this.

Undercover Black Man said...

... or dating.

It's weirder than that, Kellybelle. Kasoff has a wife and kids... and four cats.

And he's an avid hiker. It's not like he has nothing else to do in life.

He's also actively campaigning this election cycle against a local ballot initiative; Kasoff runs something called Missourians for Lower Taxes.

All the more reason to scratch one's head about all the energy he's putting into his crime obsession.

Thembi Ford said...

I love how youre monitoring these fools...lord knows someone has to!

By the way thanks SO much for spotlighting me ;)

Undercover Black Man said...

By the way thanks SO much for spotlighting me ;)

You're very welcome, Thembi. You're on a roll over there!


Hey there UBM!

Thank you for blowing the trumpet about this!

It's about time some of these preps were EXPOSED!

I saw that Thug Report site and something about that site told me that there was a white person behind it... the "slang" usage was too manufactured...

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama, socialist? Oh man, that's still hilarious to me, no matter how many times I hear it.

Kristin said...

Thanks UBM for keeping us updated on fraud ass perpetrators. All I can say is that these people really feel threatened by the possibility of Obama as Commander in Chief. I believe they believe their lifestyle as they know it will be disrupted. They will have to start view black people as individuals and not one monolithic group that they feel justified in holding strongly to their preconceived stereotypes

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Whitey Scared of Obama, who read Jon Voight's Times op-ed? I know the guy was very pro war on terror, and scared shitless over a Democrat becoming president, but I had no idea he was parroting Horowitz/Levin/Savage talking points.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me he's just your average Aryan nation supporter.The majority of them whom I suspect are just as nondescript.

bklyn6 said...

I saw that Thug Report site and something about that site told me that there was a white person behind it... the "slang" usage was too manufactured...

The language is always the tip-off for me. Maybe it fools ignorant or gullible white folks but folks who know the vernacular know better.

That seems like an awful lot of energy to expend.

Exactly. That's what I don't get. All that potential energy could be used so much more constructively. It's almost as if people really get off on this stuff. The more elaborate the "ruse" the closer they are to ecstacy, or something. It's a pathology I just don't understand.

What really gets me though about people like this is their obsession with black criminality, like it's to blame for society's ills. They could care less about corporate thuggery and the outsourcing of jobs and issues that all Americans face in an oligarchical society.

Life's just too short for such crazy sh*t.

Phelps said...

FWIW, corporate thuggery didn't steal my car and do $2000 of damage to it (and tear the radio up out of spite when they couldn't figure out how to steal it) two weeks ago. Street crime did.

Invisible Hand said...

God only knows how I'm waiting for the day when Obama's win starts to become inevitable and Kasoff and his type threaten to move to another country or Utah or Idaho or something rather than deal with an election that doesn't go their way. What am I saying... Idaho IS another country.

Unknown said...

It's beyond the pale. I don't think anyone will ever figure out what it is that's driving people like this. I have a father-in-law just like him. There needs to be an official page listing these sites and any offshoots that spring up.

Christina said...

I think this person is pretty awful if he's going around propagating this Yacub Ali hoax. But I look at his "Thug LIfe" page, and all I feel is sadness -- he thinks that he's saying something about black people, but all I'm thinking about is the black people who were likely harmed by those predators among us. Because I would bet 90 percent of the crimes described on that page had black people as victims.

If you don't want to be mocked by racists, don't hand them ammunition.

Anonymous said...

Republicans are elitist tools, IMHO. They go after blacks, immigrants, Muslims, gays, and the less fortunate.

Fuck 'em.

-OIF veteran

Meth Angels said...

Hi ... I'm Nick Kasoff, the webmaster of The Thug Report. Thanks for the nice write up. And kudos for your excellent research on my other activities. However, there are a few things that need correction here:

1. I am not, and have never been, affiliated with any of the websites you name here, nor do I contribute to them in any way.

2. It's not hard to see that I have nothing to do with these sites - I do not, and have never, done anything anonymously on the internet. My domains are registered in my own name, and my blog posts are also done with my real name. Heck, I'm even listed in the phone book. Why would I do a bunch of anonymous blogs, then expose myself to heat by putting my name on The Thug Report? Anonymous domain registration is only twenty bucks a year, people ...

3. While we appreciate anyone who links to our site, that does not imply that we endorse their views. We receive traffic from all sorts of sites, from white supremacist to hip hop.

While you have obviously concluded the contrary, I actually like black people. I live in a racially diverse area, not because I can't afford one of those all white enclaves in the 'burbs, but because I prefer the urban environment. I find that the vast majority of black people are friendly, hard working, and just generally decent folks.

If you read the "About the Thug Report" page on the site, you'll see my motive for doing this is NOT to defame black people, but to help, in my small way, to drive us toward a solution to urban crime. While I don't have the solution, I feel that identifying the problem is the first step to finding it.

Our cities and inner ring suburbs are America's future. They are the only place you can live without spending huge amounts of time and money driving. They are racially and economically diverse, have a housing stock of quality that today's builder's can't match, and a sense of community that the gated neighborhoods of suburbia can never create. I am outraged that a tiny group of lawless people have succeeded in making large swaths of urban America uninhabitable. The Thug Report is my contribution toward reversing that trend.

I understand that many of you may disagree with the tactic. But at least now, you understand the motive is as far from racial animus as one can get.

Nick Kasoff
The Thug Report

Anonymous said...

The ThugReport rules and shows the truth. You want to see white criminals - send him the reports - he puts them up. He put up one I sent.

If you don't live in an "urban" area especially one that was formerly nice and now vast swaths of it are uninhabitable and civilized people BLACK and white are fleeing - you really can't understand it. I couldn't have understood it 20 years ago in Memphis. If you live here and don't get it now - you are an idiot.

I love the way you are setting him up for a "Beat Down" or attack on his family by outing him personally! Karma sucks - it may be you that blunders into a ghetto "beatdown"

Anonymous said...


Undercover Black Man said...

Well, Mr. Kasoff, your site seems to attract an intelligent readership.

bklyn6 said...

^True Noble Prize Laureates!

Anonymous said...

Great work sir.

Keep us informed on the major TNB going on in this country.

When a nig doesn't have fact they always play the race or conspiracy card.

All the best

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Another one of your fans, Nick!

How's that "social change" agenda coming along?

Unknown said...

Nice try,David Mills. Yet another attempt by a black man to blame the atrocious behavior of some blacks(ghettobraggingrights and underprivilegedjournalist)on a white man(Mr. Kasaroff).Looks like what you are doing on your site is not all that different from what those morons are doing on theirs.I actually felt bad after reading your "hoax" story, and thought that I had been taken in. But it didn't take a lot of work to find out that those pieces of garbage over there are for real.They really are a lower form of humanity, and for you to mislead your readers about their nature and their agenda is the real hoax. Looking at garbage like they write and your attempts to put the blame on someone else,how can you wonder why someone would use a derogatory term like "niggers"? Their actions and yours, apparently, certainly look like niggardly behavior to me. Why don't you call a spade a spade(yes, pun intended)and denounce those sites, instead of trying to shift the focus onto someone else? Those fools are a discredit to the whole human race, black, white, or whatever.

Unknown said...

P.S. I do mean "niggardly" as in cheap, and small, and mean.

Anonymous said...

"It's weirder than that, Kellybelle. Kasoff has a wife and kids... and four cats."

UBM admits that Kasoff's children do know who there father is. I guess that is "weird" to some people.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this awhile bac,like it or not sometimes the truth hurts.I've been robbed twice in America both times,you guessed it by a black man.{vegas,Houston.
Black people might have been all oppressed at some point,so in retaliation they shoot and stab thousands of their own every year??Seems weird to me.Just look at the statistics black men are 6%of Americas population but hundreds of thousands of them are in prison.Of their own doing.And what about O.J.,Jesse Jackson al Sharpton. Not good roll models if you ask me.Oprah MichealJordan. Good roll models.
Blacks don't have to defend every thug who gets arrested as being some victim of the white system.Crime is crime my brothas.

Unknown said...

Excuse me Mr. Kasoff, I got your name wrong in my previous comment.My apologies. Roy Locke

Anonymous said...

Wow. The idiocy of the last few posters. I didn't see David or any of the comments defending crime or thugs. In fact, I saw the opposite. The outrage was against the perpetrator of the hoax that is Prophet Ali jacub, which any person with two brain cells to rub together can see through. One can be very much against crime, violence and their perpetrators, yet also completely against racists who seek to exploit these phenomena for their own sick agenda.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. So what if you are wrong? You have a bit of very circumstantial evidence. So what if you are wrong. You smear a republican. This is the typical attack of a Stalinist leftist.

dudhduddhd said...
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dudhduddhd said...
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Anonymous said...

The black community portrays itself as being so bad ass yet they have extremely thin skin and cry all day long if anyone says anything they don't like. The single largest cry-baby group of people on the planet. Enough of your whining and in your face thug tactics. Should the thug report create a company policy that no photo of a criminal who is black shall be shown ? Please stop crying, it's an insult to your ancestors and embarrassing to all Americans. Go get tough with the ghetto punks in the hood and leave the innocent alone.