Saturday, March 15, 2008

Harlem minister says Obama ‘was born trash’

So there’s a nut who calls himself “The Honorable James David Manning, PhD,” and he runs a church in Harlem, and his YouTube videos attract tens of thousands of views.

For comedic purposes, no doubt.

In the video embedded below, “Pastor Manning” calls Barack Obama a “long-legged freak” and “an emissary of the devil.” He says things about Obama’s ancestry that would get the average black man shot.

I never heard of Manning until one of my O.G. commenters – “SJ” – linked to him in a thread here. Other bloggers are way ahead of me.

Lynn at Hicktown Press wrote about his “delusional” ass a few days ago. InkogNegro has been having fun with Manning for weeks.

Bossip embedded a similar Manning vidclip two months ago... and got 205 comments. (“This is a disgrace before God and lightening should hit him and set that grease in his hair on fire!”)

If you really want some laffs, spend a little time exploring Pastor Manning’s website. I am especially intrigued by his “Witch Doctor Project”:

“We must remove the false leaders of the day like ‘The Magnificent Seven’ – Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Bill Clinton, T.D. Jakes, Louis Farrakan, Don King, and Cornell West – and replace them with men and women who will repent, and preach righteousness, and truth.”

That’s right, he misspelled “Farrakhan” and “Cornel.” Yet Manning claims to hold a doctorate from the esteemed Union Theological Seminary. (I bet he don’t.)

Anyways... on with the show:


Michael Fisher said...

Yeah, I know about this guy. Surprisingly his "we owe the Clintons" thing is exactly the argument the NY black superdelegates (including the ones I spoke to personally) advance as the reason for their support of Hillary Clinton.

odocoileus said...
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Michael Fisher said...

Odocoileus, that's die Scheisse, not das Scheisse.

What you are trying to say is "Dies ist die Scheisse". (This is the shit).

odocoileus said...

Thanks for the correction, Michael.
It should read:

Man oh man, this is die Scheisse.
In order to get the full effect, you have to have spent part of your childhood in a Baptist church.

Good stuff. Yummy internet goodness.

Even better is the back channel gossip about famed televangelist Joyce Meyer.

This will help me get over my disappointment about the O'man.

Now if Obama's people can get some talk shows and media outlets to run this guy's clips and soundbites, the public will be so confused, Obama's rev problems will go away.

jjbrock said...

UBM he have been on Fox so that should tell you something. You can't tell a fool unless he open his mouth. Pastor Manning!!

Undercover Black Man said...

^ On Fox! JJB, that figures. They love showing the most embarrassing black people can find.

Bklyn6 said...

He has a PhD AND a congregation!? A-friggin'-mazing.

teresa said...

If he's our last hope, we are truly screwed.

LOL at "I don't have to compromise with you nappy-headed people."

Re: his ramblings about Obama and his mama: seems like defamation to me...

Thembi said...

I'm still stuck on Don King being part of the 'Maginificent Seven'.

odocoileus said...

According to this NYT item, Manning is proposing a Harlemwide boycott of all businesses and services, to economically break the forces of gentrification.

Dude's website also claims he worked in marketing for Procter & Gamble and Ford Motor.

Now is he the black Joseph Smith or what? Maybe he should bring some engraved tablets down from the top of a skyscraper.

Michael Fisher said...

This guy ain't nuthin. You ever heard of Bishop Bernard Jordan? You can take a proctocology, I mean, prophecology course from that guy (last I seen for $365.-- for the online course, and $3,000.-- plus for a personal course) and become an actual prophet a la Isaiah and Elijah etc.

Thing about that guy is that he's closely allied with Sharpeton and plus he is the man who made Reverend Run the Reverend. Russell Simmons swears by that guy.

Render said...

I'm with Thembi on this...

How did Don (that hair!) King make this list?


Any man that washes his hands before he touches his spear of love is already way ahead of the game.


RunPower said...

The person that gave this nutty negro a microphone needs to get shot... I'm just saying!

Anonymous said...

I thought this guy was an influential film critic?

mhu cao said...

Who appointed that bigot to choose who is in the Evil Seven, or whatever. I don't agree with Obama but this "preacher" is an low-rent animal of no account.