Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another free Alejandro Escovedo download

Last summer, one of the first FREE MP3s I blogged about was by the beloved Texas rocker Alejandro Escovedo.

Time for another shot of him. Mr. Escovedo’s new album, “Real Animal,” came out this week.

Click here to hear “Always a Friend” on my Vox blog. To download the track, follow this link to Alejandro’s official website.

Below is a video of Alejandro performing this tune with Bruce Springsteen two months ago at a Bruce show in Houston.


AQUILOGY said...

Yoh UBM, sorry to go off topic but what do you think of This article

Undercover Black Man said...

^ You know what? When I visited SA in 2000, it tripped me out how some white South Africans -- Afrikaners especially -- call themselves "African."

Seems like a word game to me.

AQUILOGY said...

What's interesting is that only White South-Africans insists on being called "African" White people outside SA Don't have much hang-ups of being refered to as non-africans