Friday, June 27, 2008

MBP of the Week: NBC News

Been missing the Misidentified Black Peoples? Yeah, me too.

According to the blog TVNewser, NBC’s “Today Show” yesterday mentioned that Barack Obama is a fan of the rapper Jay-Z.

But NBC didn’t show a picture of Jay-Z; it showed a picture of the rapper Joe Budden.

TVNewser reports that this “editing snafu” was corrected in time for the West Coast feed.

(Thanks, RP.)


wanda loves... said...

You know, I'm not the biggest Jay-Z fan, but damn you can't even identify the biggest rapper in the game right now?

I can't even say they need to get a black person on staff, too many white people are in the know. Just get a young intern!

The Roving Reporter said...

You would think folks at NBC would do their research and get the right person. WTF...damn sloppy reporters!

bklyn6 said...

Jay-Z made No. 7 on the "Top 10 Richest, Most Powerful Celebrities" list. How does he get confused with Joe Budden?

btw, I love Joe Budden's voice. *swoon* And he's easy on the eyes too.

(Ha, ha! The last two letters of the "word verification" are "j" and "z.")

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that Joe Budden has dissed Jay-Z a few times! NBC screwed up and confused Jigga for one of his rivals!

wanda loves... said...

lol bklyn6, i did have a minor crush on joe when he put out that first single. what happened to him?