Thursday, July 12, 2007

Martin Luther King... ‘Star Trek’ fan?

Here’s a neat little audio bite... and I’m not even a big “Star Trek” guy.

Back in the ’90s, for William Shatner’s “Star Trek Memories” documentary project, Nichelle Nichols talked about how the Rev. Martin Luther King convinced her to stay with the show when she intended to leave.

Click here to listen to about 6 minutes of Ms. Nichols’ recollections, including the behind-the-scenes story of American television’s first interracial kiss. (Lt. Uhura locked lips with Capt. Kirk in the 1968 episode “Plato’s Stepchildren.”)

EMusic subscribers can purchase the complete audio track for download here.

1 comment:

RFB said...

This is great news, making my autographed photo of Ms. Michols that much more valuable.

(My Dad was the Trekker, and I got to tag along to the Washington DC Star Trek Convention in '76 - yeah - pre-Star Wars even!)