Thursday, May 17, 2007

Name this band, win a prize.

The last contest was over so quick, let’s have another. This one’s in honor of the television industry’s “upfronts week,” when the networks announce all their new fall shows.

(Me, I can’t wait to see the one about the vampire who’s a private detective, can you?... Oh, you can?... Well, yeah, I guess I see your point… he’s a fucking vampire, and he solves crimes… No, no, you’re right…)

Anyways, click here, listen to the music track, and name that band. The first person to put the band’s name in the comments section will win a prize.

The prize is your choice. Either a DVD set of the HBO miniseries “The Corner” (written by David Simon and me), or a DVD set of the NBC limited series “Kingpin” (created by me). Now that’s kick-ass TV!

UPDATE (05/17/07): We have a winner. RJ Smith identified that band as Church of Betty, led by Chris Rael. The track is “Movie Star Blues” from the 2003 album “Revenge of the Hippies.” It’s available for download at eMusic.


Anonymous said...

Church of Betty, y'all. That sitar's got dirt on its boots.

Undercover Black Man said...

You got it, RJ. Now that I know you're around, I'ma have to dig into my vinyl for some obscure shit for these contests. ;^)

I knew Chris Rael in college, by the way. Univ. of Maryland.

S.O.L. said...

Hot damn, I came too late to the party. I gotta be checking out UBM earlier in the day. Though truth be told, I already have both of those DVDs.

That's cool you know Chris Rael -- didn't know he was a Terp. "Church of Betty" seriously stomps.

SJ said...

Damn it, too late. The Corner really is a devastating miniseries...I should look for the book. Btw UBM, did you help write the book or just the TV show?

Anonymous said...

Simon wrote the book with Ed Burns.

Anonymous said...

I'm such a dupe. I win the contest for that awful David Horowitz book, and miss out on The Corner.

Anonymous said...

Fine, have a contest I can actually win with a prize I'd really dig when I'm stuck in horrible friggin' traffic. I see how you are.


Undercover Black Man said...

Dang... everybody knows Church of Betty?

I'll have to do this again. But digging into my private reserve of sounds.

SJ, Simon's relationship with Ed Burns, his co-writer on the book "The Corner," goes all the way back to when Simon was reporting the "Homicide" book 20 years ago.

LeaNder said...

Feedback to Amazon com:

link to UBM's blog:

I wish you would make the link: find The Corner on work [Your link via a preview step:] This is one specific DVD but, if I follow the link, I get a long list of items and it does not contain what I am looking for.

Also, and maybe even more important. I belong to the people who do want to know who wrote a script, that is the curious folks out there that want to know more than who is the main actress or actor. Any chance to see this in the future?

Anonymous said...

No, I was just having fun with ya, UBM. Never heard of CoB. I do have relatively impressive Googling skillz, tho' (she lied). ;-D

quirkychick said...

Ha! You put this on a comp you made for me and I never knew who it was. Now I do - Thank you!

Best lyrics EVER.

justjudith said...

i don't know church of betty but wish i did to get the corner! love univ of maryland -- migrated from howard to catch living colour at the fieldhouse. caught the chili peppers there too. good times. hhmm...gotta get up on this church of betty.