Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lawrence Auster, my favorite Jewboy

Yes, I continue to read Lawrence Auster’s idiosyncratically ultra- conservative blog. It is immensely entertaining.

I even donated some cash during one of Larry’s recent panhandling campaigns. But the prideful fucker rejected my money!

(You can read his detailed explanation as to why, if you care to.)

One of the nuttiest aspects of Larry Auster’s career as a self-styled public intellectual is... he spends most of his time and energy attacking fellow conservatives.

Yesterday he crossed a line into ethnic name-calling, referring to David Frum, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, as a “Jewboy.”

This so offended some of Auster’s readers, he eventually removed the reference from his blog. But not before posting an earnest defense of himself this morning... arguing that he was right to call Mr. Frum a “Jewboy.” (“If I am being brutal toward him... he deserves it.”)

I copied all that stuff. Just in case.

Before I share it with you (and with future Google searchers), let me point out that Lawrence Auster himself is an ethnic Jew (and a staunch defender of Israel), though he converted to Christianity and is now a devout Anglican.

Mr. Auster also has denounced conservative writers more famous than himself – specifically Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts – for being “very close” to anti-Semitic. (Even though they’ve never called anyone a “Jewboy” in print.)

So here’s the deal. Auster yesterday put up a post slamming David Frum for, among other things, attacking Rush Limbaugh in a Newsweek essay last spring.

At the end of the post, Auster called Frum a “little Jewboy on the make”... which is a quote from Mordecai Richler’s novel “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.” Auster’s point was that David Frum “will do anything to advance himself.”

A reader asked Auster to remove the “Jewboy on the make” line... because it is “reprehensible, cringe-making, and not fair.”

Auster responded that it was not “some terrible expression.” “First, a ‘Jewboy’ is simply a Jew. Yes, the term is used by some people in a derogatory manner, but when I was growing up it was mainly a humorous term of affection used by one Jew about another.... It is not the Jewish equivalent of the ‘N’ word.”

Furthermore, Auster wrote, “think of the way [Frum] portrayed Rush Limbaugh.... It was an act of total treason and aggression against the conservative movement. Why then does he deserve any particular consideration in the way that he’s discussed?”

In finally erasing the word “Jewboy” from his post, Auster wrote: “I personally felt that the description, in the context in which I had presented it, was defensible, and I defended it. However, I also believe that to create offense unnecessarily is wrong.”

Cool. Now if only this douchebag could stop calling black people “savages.”


S.O.L. said...

Here's a question: do the people who read his site complain when he uses the term "savages" to describe black people? Just wondering.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ They never do. Funny how that works.

junebug said...

Don't be too hard on Auster, y'all. I'm sure he doesn't use the term to refer to Armstrong Williams or Larry Elder (the "good" black folk). Just crazy, Funkadelic-loving savages like UBM. Personally, I always thought that ol' whitey never got enough milage out of the term "jungle-bunny". Maybe Auster can start using that oldie-but-goodie? After all, it IS the 21 Century.

bklyn6 said...

You said "douchebag". Tee-hee.

(You can read his detailed explanation as to why, if you care to.)

I'm curious, but I'm not trying to drive up his visitor count.

lawegohard said...

^I read it bklyn 6, woke up from nap extremely bored, and realize now that Lawrence Auster is unhinged for sure.

LOL at returning UBM's hard earned money. He should have taken it and bought something decadent. Like a BJ. Maybe he would cool the f*ck out!

Michael Fisher said...

I never understood why you and Auster were arguing. Come on, David, when it comes to "race" there isn't anything in principle that you two guys disagree about.

By the way, feel free to send that donation that Auster returned on to me.

Eurasian Sensation said...

One would think it damages the conservative movement more to have conservatives labelling black people as savages. Or maybe not. We are talking about conservatives after all.

bklyn6 said...

He should have taken it and bought something decadent. Like a BJ. Maybe he would cool the f*ck out!

LOL. lawegohard, I guess he wasn't using his head.

It takes a savage to know a savage.

Reviewer X said...

UBM isn't just a 'Funkadelic-loving savage' but also an 'unhinged stalker'.

danielj said...

We don't have a problem with Thomas Sowell though...

If you really wanna see Auster squirm you should read the fights he has with Tan of Age of Treason about his "law" and why it doesn't apply to Jews.

He does seem to have visceral hatred for Black folk and gets so frustrated when we WN's have the same for Jews.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ daniel, that's the fundamental contradiction I've been trying to get him to cop to.

At one point he straight-up said something like, "Well, but they're wrong about the Jews, and I'm right about the blacks."

Anyways... how you like what you've been reading here?

TH said...

Auster uses the term 'savages' to describe a gang that assaulted some guy. I am not aware of him using the term to describe blacks in general. Furthermore, at least in that post, he explicitly ascribes this savagery to a lack of paternal investment, not to some biological predisposition:

"Do you want a society in which young males act like savages and all of us are in danger? -- Because a society in which boys lack fathers is a society that will be filled with young savages."

Undercover Black Man said...

"Do people of other races behave in this way? No. This sort of murderous pack savagery is characteristic of blacks and blacks only."

TH said...

My point is that you imply that Auster uses 'savage' as a synonym for 'black', which is untrue. He put it this way:

"I am not saying that blacks as blacks are savages. I am not trying to create feelings of fear and repulsion toward black people as black people. I personally like black individuals, In daily life, I respond in a normal, positive, friendly, respectful way to black people whom I encounter. I do not go around looking at blacks as violent criminals and savages.

Nevertheless, a distinctive type of black savagery exists. And society needs to recognize it

Anecdotally, it seems to be the case that these type of attacks are overwhelmingly committed by blacks. However, I certainly haven't studied the phenomenon in any detail, so I could be wrong.

Incidentally, here's an Auster-related blog post about why even a large number of anecdotes is a poor substitute for statistics.

Undercover Black Man said...

TH, you need to read my post on white savagery.

Statsaholic said...


Whites are Savage?

As if!

I wish Whites were more savage, but sadly they are not.

If Whites had more savage, this World would be a very different place.

For just four things:

1. Whites wouldn’t let themselves by pushed around by the Undercover Blackman, and Auster would still be writing for Frontpagemag.

2. Steve Sailor would still be writing for the National Review.

3. Blacks wouldn’t rape 50,000 White Women a year, for the fear of the White Man’s Savage Revenge.

4. The President would be a majestic White Man, with a stern and steely gaze.