Tuesday, October 9, 2007

White savagery

It’s been a couple of months since I wrote about the far-right blogger Lawrence Auster. And, like a girl missing her period, that’s cause for concern.

Fortunately, Mr. Auster posted something yesterday – titled “Black savagery, cont.” – which I feel compelled to respond to.

Auster quoted a black writer, Carol Swain, whose brother was killed by a group of black teenagers. “According to a neighbor who witnessed the attack,” Swain wrote, “five teens knocked my brother to the ground, kicking and stomping him until the neighbor intervened. Kevin staggered home, collapsed into a coma and was declared brain-dead within hours of the attack.”

This moved Lawrence Auster to write:

“Do people of other races behave in this way? No. This sort of murderous pack savagery is characteristic of blacks and blacks only. Yet it is never identified as a black phenomenon.

“This doesn’t mean that all blacks, or a majority of blacks, or a large minority of blacks, are savages,” Auster continued. “It means that this specific type of behavior is recurrent among blacks and among no other race.”

“Black savagery” is a recurring phrase in Auster’s racial commentaries. And yet, due to his ideation of himself as a rational thinker and a non-bigot, Auster insists that his declaration is not “reductionist” (i.e., illogically simplistic).

Well... for starters, there’s the factual matter of his claim. If Larry Auster thinks “no other race” engages in deadly group beatdowns, he hasn’t heard about the ways aluminum ball bats are deployed on the Navajo reservation. According to an eye-opening article I read in Harper’s a decade ago, the homicide rate in Navajoland is four times the national average.

But the bigger flaw in Auster’s racialization of styles of violence is best illustrated by another type of murder. The type where a victim – most often a woman – is mutilated for sick thrills. The sadistic sexual homicide.

I’m talking about white savagery.

I’ve wanted to share this for a while... been waiting for the right time. There’s a 1995 book called “Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit,” written by ex-profiler John Douglas.

He tells of a case where a white woman – a 26-year-old teacher of handicapped children – was murdered in the Bronx in 1979.

This case, according to Douglas, was taught at the FBI training academy for years thereafter, being “a good model of just how we came up with a profile and how the police used it to push forward a baffling and long-unsolved murder.”

I must alert you, the following details are disturbing.

The young woman’s naked body was found on a roof landing of the apartment building where she and her parents lived. Her jaw, nose and cheeks were broken from blunt-force trauma. She had been strangled to death with her own purse strap, then bound with her belt and stockings.

“Her nipples had been cut off after death and placed on her chest,” Douglas writes, and “bite marks were on her thighs and knees.” The killer left an umbrella and a pen inserted in the woman’s vagina.

With that pen, he had written on her body “Fuck you” and “You can’t stop me.” There were also traces of semen.

“The only tangible piece of forensic evidence was a single negroid hair found on the body during the autopsy,” Douglas writes.

The body had been discovered after a 15-year-old black boy who also lived in the building found the woman’s wallet in a stairwell.

The police put together a task force of 26 detectives. They questioned more than 2,000 potential witnesses and suspects, but made no progress. Then two of the detectives consulted the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit.

John Douglas came up with a profile.

“I suggested that the police seek an average-looking white male between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five, ... who would be disheveled in appearance, unemployed, and mainly nocturnal, live within a half mile of the building with his parents or older female relative, be single and have no relationships with women and no close friends, ... and who would have a large collection of bondage and S&M pornography.”

Douglas ruled out the 15-year-old black kid as a suspect... because he was black.

“Even though the examination of the body had turned up the negroid hair, I was convinced we were dealing with a white killer,” Douglas writes. “Very rarely did we see this type of crime cross racial lines... and I had seldom, if ever, seen this kind of mutilation from a black subject.”

To put it bluntly, then... there was something distinctively white about this crime because of its sadistic savagery. That’s not me saying it; that’s a founding father of criminal profiling.

Now, this doesn’t mean that all whites, or a majority of whites, or a large minority of whites, are savages. It means that this specific type of behavior... well, you get the point.

If I were to be reductive about it, like a Lawrence Auster, I would wonder aloud: What is it about the nature of white people that causes them to kill so savagely?

As for this particular murder investigation, the police used John Douglas’s profile and zeroed in on a 30-year-old unemployed actor, a white guy, who lived with his widowed father in the same building as the victim. He not only fit the profile (including the bondage-porn collection), but his teeth matched the bite marks on the woman’s body.

He was convicted of murder.

And what about that “negroid hair” found on the victim’s body during the autopsy? Turns out it came from a body bag that hadn’t been properly cleaned between uses.


Dougfp said...

In fact, nearly all serial killers are white. Wayne Williams is about the only convicted black serial killer and even then, there are a lot of doubts about his guilt.

Auster's a bigot. Bigots rarely see or seek facts.

jena6 said...

I thought about Wayne Williams too. I've always had doubts about his conviction.

Austen sounds like a major ass and a racist. Oh, and delusional. How can he make such sweeping statements and say they are not "reductionist?" I bet he's the kind of guy who thinks all discussions on race should begin and end with "black savagery." Does he not recall the Euro savagery of colonizers on this continent and around the globe? Or of terrorist organizations like the Klan?

I just don't understand small minds like his.

susie said...

In a more recent incident, Megan Williams, a young black woman was kidnapped and tortured by a bunch of creepy looking hillbilly types -http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/09/12/national/main3253257.shtml
(I have no idea how to put the link in), group which included white women.

Which brings to mind the murder of a 12 year old girl in Indiana by a group of teen girls who ended up setting her on fire and went out for egg mcmuffins on the way home.

And let's not forget Charles Manson and his family of freaks. Does Jim Jones count? I'm sure he had helpers pouring out that Cool-aid who knew what was in it.

Auster needs to stop talking out his ASS - white people not only gather in groups and kill white people they routinely do it after TORTURING their victims.

Dan Coyle said...

"I thought about Wayne Williams too. I've always had doubts about his conviction."

Douglas writes about Williams in his book, actually- he doesn't think Williams killed all of the children. According to wikipedia he writes: "it isn't a single offender and the truth isn't pleasant."

jena6 said...

The thing about the Atlanta Child Murders is that after Williams was captured I remember hearing that the murders continued.

I wonder why we don't hear anything about him?

estiv said...

Lawrence Auster sounds like a real piece of work. The first thing that came to my mind was English gangs, which are often really effective at kicking the shit out of someone lying defenseless on the ground. (There's a theory that the brain hemorrhage that killed Stuart Sutcliffe, the "fifth Beatle," was due to a gang attack he'd suffered in Liverpool some time before. Steel-toed boots to the skull can do some damage.) The people responsible for this savagery, not to mention the legendary English football rioters, are the heirs of Shakespeare.

dez said...

Let's not bring Shakespeare into the same discussion as Auster.

daughterofthedream said...

Wayne Williams= C-O-N-spiracy. There's a whole lot more that may one day come out and a whole lot of folks will be running to explain. Wayne pops up in the news every now and then here in the ATL...most recently earlier this year and last year, if I remember correctly. His lawyers have not given up.

Roberto said...

You don't have to go to the extreme of serial killers to make your point, UBM -- simple history will do. I'm almost finished with Taylor Branch's history of "America in the King Years" and it's amazing how quickly southern whites resorted to violence, even against women, children and the elderly when the prerogatives of white supremacy were threatened. And let's not forget a little old thing I like to call lynching: thousands of blacks killed by white mobs.

One more example: nineteenth century America. away from the older established eastern cities, was a place were violence, often lethal, was commonplace to a degree that we can scarcely imagine today. (They didn't call it "Bloody Kansas" for nothing.) The perpetrators of that violence weren't young black men -- they were working the fields! It was, for the most part, Auster's beloved whites of British ancestry.

Looking at their descendants, you would scarcely think that to be the case, which is my point: today's violence, like yesterday's, is inexorably tied to social and historical context. This isn't an excuse, a thug is a thug. But one of the hallmarks of the bigoted mind is that it freezes a moment and assumes that what it observes is a fixed quality -- one that happens to confirm its own superiority.

dnA said...


bjdouble said...


The answer is that there is more variability in white crime. Whites commit fewer crimes, but a wider variety of crimes, including serial murder. Blacks tend to stick to a smaller field of criminal activity. Think about it in terms of sports. Whites play everything from jai-lai to tennis to basketball to ultimate fighting. Blacks compete largely in basketball, football, and boxing.

memomachine said...


I read most of what Auster had to say and IMO he's an idiot.

If you're going to make generalizations like that then you might as well say that many of the most notorious killers in American history were ex-Marines.

Which is unfortunately true.

Murderers fall into many different classifications. I don't believe for one moment that race has anything to do with it. If race *does* have anything to do with it then I'd have to suggest that Asians win the murderer race hands down.

Mao killed off more than 120+ million with his idiotic economic and political theories. Pol Pot killed off 2+ million Cambodians. Ho Chi Minh killed off a million plus Vietnamese in the re-education camps. The Japanese killed off millions of Chinese during WWII. Heck even now the Chinese government regularly responds to the 85,000+ protest riots each year with machineguns.

droog redcoat said...

yep, us redcoats are a piece of work alright. Regarding hooliganism, the phrase "hooligan" originally referred to violent Irish gangs in Victorian London. Of course, one of England's most famous exports, hooliganism is flourishing in Germany, Holland, Poland, Turkey and Argentina. Although it still occurs in England, you'll be please to know.

Soccer hooliganism is rarely random or spontaneous. It is planned to the nth degree. That's right, (mostly) white gangs organize to meet and beat the crap out of one another. Beats staying at home and watching TV apparently.

Long story short, Auster talks out of his arse if he thinks this is something unique and inherent in black people.

memomachine said...


@ droog redcoat

That's right, (mostly) white gangs organize to meet and beat the crap out of one another.

How many times do we have to tell you:

First rule about Fight Club is that you don't talk about Fight Club.


Ibrahim Nur said...

UBM, what do you think of the National Review's John Derbyshire? I mean, Lawrence Auster holds some clearly hateful views--often expressed bluntly and unapologetically--but what about someone like John Derbyshire who always manages to let his similar opinion regarding blacks known through a lot of heaving about political correctness and so forth? In his spot at the National Review he often praises people like American Renaissance attendee Michael Hart and Race/IQ obsessed blogger Steve Sailer, whose blog he admits to reading frequently. I don't know, Lawrence Auster seems like small fish...

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Sometimes I think memomachine is Bill O'Reilly dressed up as a UBM fan.

Dave, I picked up that Mindhunter book at a library book sale three years ago but decided to sell it. I put it in a bag after we moved because it's hard for me to part with books with the thought I might come back to them. After your reference, I'll give it some space.

Another book reference, The Iceman Inheritance by Michael Bradley - a "white" man. If you're in LA, check out my main man, James Fugate, at Eso Won Books for a copy.

'Nuff said - for now.

Thordaddy said...

Mr. Mills,

You shouldn't conflate different phenomena. Serial killing and mob murder are two different things. And the claim by some that serial killing is the realm of whites is silly. Have we already forgot Lee and Malvo? LA just convicted the most prolific serial killer in California history... Ahem... A black man. And then there is the black serial killer down in the Louisiana area just to name a few. Black serial killers don't get their "due" for the same reason white serial killers do... Politics, plain and simple.

But I digress..., If you can find a parallel to what is happening in the Congo then please enlighten us.

Rottin' in Denmark said...

One word: Mormons.

droog redcoat said...

Hi Thordaddy, UBM wasn't referring to serial killing but the "sadistic sexual homicide." I believe others raised the serial killing topic.

However, the point isn't to conflate different types of "savagery," but to ask the question, why is Auster so hung up about so-called black savagery, when human beings of all colors, nationalities and ethnicities have demonstrated time and again that they are capable of committing barbaric acts against one another? At least this is how I read it.

In Auster's world, blacks deserve to be singled out for their crimes, as if some cosmetic genetic difference was the root cause, a difference that whites seem to lack. However, a cursory glance at the history books will show anyone who cares to look that human beings in general are a pretty savage bunch.

To paraphrase Alan Bennett, history is one savage thing after another.

eroyce said...


@ DeAngelo Starnes

Sometimes I think memomachine is Bill O'Reilly dressed up as a UBM fan.

1. I'm not Bill O'Reilly.

2. I don't like Bill O'Reilly.

3. I am a hardline conservative.

4. I am a fan of UBM. Mostly because of the music. You wouldn't believe the kind of music I grew up with. A combination of Korean covers of Frank Sinatra and Jim Reeves, sung in Korean, and Grand Ole Opry. Hee Haw was the cultural highlight.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

droog redcoat, nice rebuttal.

eroyce, memomachine, Korean conservative, or whoever you are, I stand corrected.

Undercover Black Man said...

Hey DeAnge: I'm familiar with Bradley. Matter fact, I dropped a mention of "Iceman Inheritance" into a "Picket Fences" script I wrote. (Uttered by the now-famous Terrence Howard.)

My big problem with Bradley is that he is Jew-obsessed. Have you checked out his "Iceman" sequel, "Chosen People from the Caucasus"?

Undercover Black Man said...

Thordaddy, welcome back.

Do me a favor... you don't bring up the Congo, and I won't bring up Russia.

This is about the meaning of "savagery." Don't you find it significant that an FBI profiler can look at the mutilated, sexually violated body of a woman and say, "A white man did this"?

Latimer said...

dougfp - you forget that in africa there are a number of black serial killers.

Still, psycho-sexual crime tends to be a white phenomena much like child molestation has a stronger correlation to the hispanic community like stealing my damn sneakers does to the black community... ha ha, I'm an appalling racist.

But seriously, it does appear that certain types of criminal conduct have a racial, sexual, or biological association and I would be really interested in learning more of that except no one studies that shit... at least no one who wants to keep their job.

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Mr. Freer said...

as a white person, i'd be very curious to know why most serial killers were white. perhaps our brains are deformed in a certain way. i don't see how that is wrong to study.

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