Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Take it viral.

Hip-hop producer Quincy Jones III (a.k.a. QD3) has just posted a 45-second video on YouTube in support of Barack Obama.

Watch it. Then tell a friend about it.


Anonymous said...

Hey David,

While I connect to this on visceral level--as I am, after all, Puerto Rican--I feel that a mass spread of this would scare a lot of other folks on the fence.

I found it really interesting, in the latest issue of Vibe with Barack on the cover, that a lot of the rappers' advice for hip hop was to NOT SAY ANYTHING. Some of them actually said, "hip hop just needs to shut the fuck up right now."

They seemed to know, inherently, that that specific faction speaking up, aligning themselves in an overt, public fashion, could only hurt Barack with some of, and I'll say it, white folk who have just crossed the demarcation line BARELY into voting for him.

--jorge a. reyes

maria said...

uh, no.

scare people? why is that the old, tired, stupid excuse ALL THE TIME for doin' nothing?


thanks for posting, david. love it.

Undercover Black Man said...

Well Jorge, one Hillary supporter online agrees with you:

“BO’s supporters are trying to make this go viral. I can’t imagine that it will help Obama in any way. They are delusional to think that this is in any way appealing. In fact, I suspect it may turn independent voters off.”

I hadn’t imagined that this was the type of webvid that could be used to stoke up “cultural” fears (like the step line video).

To me, I just want to make sure young black voters actually follow through and vote, so as to feel a real sense of ownership of an Obama victory. Even if it means standing in line for an hour because your ghetto polling place is understaffed.

Young black voters have got to deliver in Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania. They’ve got to deliver huge.

If they do, then this historical moment will be as much about them as it is about Obama.

Russ said...

I agree it may scare some fence sitting white folk. And what's up with the artist? He gives himself a lot more screen time than Barack.

maria said...

i have a "ghetto" polling place. it's staffed by old white people who never know what they are doing.

Jorge Vega said...

On a visceral level, this didn't do much for me. I felt like the clip was more about him saying look at me, I'm a supporter, pass this video of me supporting to your friends.

Why would I do that?

Anonymous said...


There is a huge difference between doing nothing, and rappers (Ludacris, anyone?) making their support known in a way that alienates or polarizes some people that are looking for an excuse not to vote for Obama.


I agree wholeheartedly, turnout is key--and we have to remain active to ensure that happens. My instinct on watching this video--as opposed to some of the other great youtube videos that were done early in the campaign (the Will I Am video comes to mind) was that it seems like the type that could be used by fence-sitters to say it's about "them", more than its about "us".

That said, I agree with you on the need for a feeling of ownership on an Obama victory. Just not sure this video hits that sweet spot.

--jorge a. reyes