Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy White Bitch of the Year

The Drudge Report went all out yesterday afternoon, announcing with a bold red headline that a McCain campaign volunteer – a young white woman – had been attacked and “mutilated” in Pittsburgh... by a large, dark-skinned black man who didn’t like the McCain stickers on her car.

The young woman’s name is Ashley Todd. And she told police that the giant Negro carved a letter “B” on her cheek with a knife.

“You are going to be a Barack supporter,” the giant Negro said.

Turns out Ashley Todd made the whole thing up. Including cutting her own face.

I hereby salute right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin, who was suspicious of the girl’s story right away.

Even before Ashley had confessed, Ms. Malkin wrote: “Hate crimes hoaxes – by anyone, of any political persuasion, and of any color – diminish us all.”

Even Lawrence Auster, my favorite far-right blogger – a man who often writes luridly about black criminal “savagery” – even he voiced a bit of skepticism about Ashley’s tale last night.

(Although Mr. Auster also wrote this: “The attack on a white woman because she had a McCain bumper sticker also supports the prediction of some [of my readers] that the election, whether Obama wins or loses, will lead to an outpouring of black anti-white violence.”

(Well, Larry... keep a happy thought.)

I’m about to board a flight back to Los Angeles. But I really look forward to the cable-news chatter about this incident tonight.

UPDATE (10/24/08): Via the magic of the internets, tonight’s Keith Olbermann segment on the Ashley Todd fiasco is embedded below.

The new question is whether a McCain official in Pennsylvania “pushed” the story of the big black assailant to local media yesterday.


Andrew said...

Such a bizarre story. The backwards 'B' should've tipped everyone off for the get-go.

blackink said...

Yeah, she went all Susan Smith and Charles Stuart on us.

When in doubt, blame a brotha. That's actually an American tradition.

Days like These! said...

When will some white women STOP falsely accusing black men for their personal fuck ups. The photo of that CWB needs to be posted all over the world and used as an example of all the fuckery that goes on in this world.


Kellybelle said...

What is wrong with people? This makes no sense. Did she think it would help McCain? Was she trying to help herself? I just don't understand

maria said...

i predict this girl will be in a psych ward before the weekend is up.

either she tries to do herself in over the shame of seeing her face everywhere branded a race-baiting liar, or someone commits her.

she injured herself. she's clearly a threat to herself..she can be hospitalized and probably should be. (it's the baker act in FL, not sure what it's called where she lives).

i feel most sorry for her.

Malcolm said...

ya, smelled that one a mile away.

MsLady said...

All kinds of craziness is going on! Nov. 4, here we come.

Bryan Wilhite said...

Back in the day, entire Black towns were burned down---self-sufficient economies---over lies like this.

Bedlam said...

(KNOCK KNOCK) I Knew It, I Knew IT!!!! they didn't have enough room to write 'itch' on her ugly ass face. Whats wrong with this trick, oh by the way **NEW HERE** gonna hang around for awhile, (WHO IS IT) BEDLAM here, checking in on the political lunatics stomping on American soil. This story was a dead cat hanging on the line from the beginning. (BEDLAM) Ashley Todd get out my space - where you from !! See this is what happens when you have one of these airheads running around. Lock Her Ass Up !!!! Michelle great job, got that antenna up. GONE GIRL SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO, SHAKE IT, SHAKE IT, BABY. (ellehcim) Folk People see through shit, and this was a clear lump of crap. Undercover take care in the air, when you get on the ground, enjoy the town.


bklyn6 said...

by a large, dark-skinned black man

I'm immediately thought: "Giant negro." *smile*

Wow. Michelle Malkin almost seems human now.

Yeah, she went all Susan Smith and Charles Stuart on us.

When in doubt, blame a brotha. That's actually an American tradition.

Ain't that the truth, Ruth!

I knew that sorceress Susan Smith was guilty as soon as I saw her dry crying. What sealed it for me was that sketch of the suspect based on her half-assed description. (Okay, maybe she had some scruples.) He was black (of course), in profile, and wearing a hat.


She does look like a "crazy white bitch!"

I haven't read every article on this, so maybe it's already been mentioned... but there should be an investigation to determine if anyone in the McCain/Palin camp had any connections to this at all. Given all they've shown us thus far, I wouldn't be surprised

And, wow... Michelle Malkin can actually be "fair and balanced?" Who knew? There's hope for the Republican party after all.

destruction said...

A coworker and I peeped this yesterday....weren't sure it was totally made up then....but we each had doubts based on the neatness of the cut, no blood, 9PM, and that is not a robbers modus operandi.

As for Michelle M....true she called it....but surely for selfish reasons. She dimed her because it puts a stain on the whole family....rather than because it was the right thing to do...IMHO.

maria said...

there's a pretty detailed story from the local paper in pittsburgh, which says the state mccain folks were pushing the media to report this.

this girl is pretty messed up. she originally claimed she was raped.

Craig Belcher said...

She also admitted to lying about being a Pittsburgh Steeler fan during her calls to potential Pennsylvania voters. Disgusting.

Geneva Girl said...

You know there are just some things that I don't miss about living in the States. Europe has its crazies, but this kind of b.s. is uniquely American (I hope). Why do white folks keep falling for this?

I can't believe that Michelle Malkin called this one out. Must have been a slow news day for her.

dez said...

Why do white folks keep falling for this?

Because they're afraid. And in some cases, very stupid.

SJ said...

I instantly thought of your great "Giant Negroes" series.

Christopher Harshawardhana Mitchell said...

Damn, when people like Michelle Malkin and Lawrence Auster start making sense to me, I get totally confused. Does that mean I'm starting to become a right-wing nutjob, or that the universe just got a little crazier?

Diggin' your blog UBM, great work. I've linked to you on my blog(

John B. said...

Here in Milwaukee there was a white suburbanite named Jesse Anderson who slashed his wife to death in a TGIF parking lot and blamed it on, yep! two black dudes.

He was convicted, sent to the pen and was killed by another inmate, along with . . . . Jeffrey Dahmer!

True story!

maria said...

gene robinson (nice man, but hit the race ceiling at washpost) was wondering how this was going to "play" in the media.

well--apparently the NYT has decided it isn't going to play at all.

searched and searched their website for today's news...not a word!

so it's a one-day story to the "greatest" paper in the U.S.?

and what they had was crappy blog scraps.

are they deliberatingly underplaying it because also yesterday they endorsed obama? this is stupid. there should be SOMETHING!

maria said...

"Before the revelation that the report was false, McCain spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker said that McCain and running mate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin "spoke to the victim and her family after learning about the incident."

from CNN.

any DOUBT they pushed the story? how quick was that call from sarah palin HERSELF to this sad girl???

Undercover Black Man said...

gene robinson (nice man, but hit the race ceiling at washpost)...

Ah now, maria... don't peddle that here. Gene was foreign editor of the Post, then he was Style editor. Does that mean he was entitled to be managing editor?

No. It means he was entitled to be considered... and he was.

To imply that Len Downie didn't choose him because of race is an insult. Justice doesn't demand that the black guy get every job he seeks.

Gene has had a great career in journalism... and it ain't over. I certainly hope he doesn't think he's encountered any glass ceiling. said...

Hello there!

The blogosphere needs to keep this alive for A LOOOOOONG TIME!

We need to stop looking away when these racist false accusations arise against black men (or even black women!) because whenever a crims is committed, the white media certainly keeps retelling the story over and over and over.

Black men need to realize that it is OPEN SEASON on them.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

maria said...

david--how many minorities are in leadership or executive positions at the post?

maria said...

i lived through that process/period with my now x-h who has been in the style section 18 years. so i do know something about it. i am not really sure what i was peddling, but obv. only gene could say for sure how he feels the post has treated him.

so apologies if i was insulting.

Vince Spence said...

Maria said...
david--how many minorities are in leadership or executive positions at the post?

Poor Maria, did you hit the 'competency ceiling' at the Post? Did you ever think some people never get to hit any ceiling because affirmative action may have denied her a position in that company in the first place?

This crazy, white bitch should be charged with making a false report, made to pay ALL related expenses and sentenced to work 1,000 hours at a an all-black community recreation center in downtown Pittsburgh.

Undercover Black Man said...

i am not really sure what i was peddling...

You were peddling the notion that Gene Robinson didn't become managing of the Washington Post because he's black.

As if the mere fact that he's black, and he applied for a job, means that he was entitled to that job.

See the problem?

maria said...

no, it doesn't. i never said that, and it's an insult to me, esp. given that i knew gene and the work situation, to say i think he should have gotten the job because he was black.

i thought as did others that he was the best candidate for the job. and i do think the post is ruled by good-ol-white boys.

maria said...

but, you know, i love to argue. :-)

Undercover Black Man said...

but, you know, i love to argue.

For reals?? ;^D

In any case, if Gene had become managing editor, he wouldn't now be one of my favorite cable-news talking heads.

neptune said...

Was listening to some talk radio today and have heard some wingnuts speculating that this girl was an operative for the Dems. They think the whole thing was certainly a scam but it was designed to make the Repubs look bad, not the Dems. Given how quickly some the Repubs rose to the bait, they might be right (no pun intended). However, how much money would this girl have to have been paid to mess up her own face like that, plus pretty much ruin her future by being branded as a crazy liar?

Vince Spence said...

maria said...
...and i do think the post is ruled by good-ol-white boys.

That's okay, Maria, Barack will be getting rid of dem muthas...