Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What Republican pros really think about her

“It’s not gonna work.” “It’s over.”

Former McCain adviser Mike Murphy and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan were caught today sharing their true feelings about Sarah Palin into hot mics.

Their frank, off-camera chatter wasn’t broadcast on MSNBC... but it’s now up on YouTube. And political bloggers such as Ben Smith and Mark Halperin are all over it. Listen for yourself.

(Hat-tip: Huffington Post.)


Phelps said...

Think maybe that's why they are both "former"?

They failed to get their candidates nominated (as did I -- I was a Fred! guy.) This sort of thing -- feeding the frenzy -- is just going to make the backlash worse.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Your man Fred was landing body shots last night. That was a helluva speech. He did you proud.

As for the "feeding frenzy"... what did McCain expect? Be real with me now, Phelps. If McCain puts forth a candidate about whom the national media (and the national political establishment) knows nothing... of course there'll be a feeding frenzy. Just to figure out who the hell she is.

Did McCain expect the media to just accept his bullet-point narrative about this popular, "maverick" governor... without swarming to dig up more? Especially in the fourth quarter of this race?

Didn't McCain realize that the Palin decision would suck all the oxygen out of this campaign for days... possibly weeks?

maria said...

as a dem, i REALLY REALLY want her to stay in the race, so i am just not even listening to people saying she might/could/should drop out. shhh!!

Francisco said...

Hmmm. Maybe this is McCain's way to force the Republicans to accept Joe Lieberman as the VP candidate? Either Joe or Palin?

I read somewhere that 'do you think Dick Cheney would be giving a pro-Obama speech at the Democratic convention if he had lost with Bush?' Of course NOT! Recent democratic VP candidates have NOT aged well at all.

Anonymous said...

You liked Fred's speech?

I thought it was some serious, serious bullshit. I think my brain tried to kill itself at least twice.

See my blog post about it from today if you're curious.

estiv said...

There's gonna be some serious verbal ass-whipping performed on Peggy Noonan by senior Republican operatives behind closed doors. And she's going to have to take it, if she wants to have a future in the party. Speaking as someone who's always disliked her, I have to say, life is sweet.

cuz said...

Peggy Noonan's comments are no surprise. I'm not sure if she'll be dragged into the woodshed considering she was the REAL "great communicator" for Ronald Reagan. I'm waiting for the Reagan and moderate Repubs to mutiny and take their party back which is going right of Hitler at this point.

Actually, has either major party mentioned the multi-trillion dollar debt we've racked up? I'm looking at these "Prosperity" the RNC delegates are holding up. Are they kidding? Who's mixing their kool-aid?