Monday, September 1, 2008

Quarter to midnight?

I’m no expert on politics, but I consume lots and lots of media. So I have an instinct about how this amazing tale of Sarah “Cinderella” Palin will continue to unfold.

For the next two or three weeks, the mainstream media will be all up in the Alaska governor’s business. Which means every day there’ll be a new surprise, a new twist, a funky new detail, and these will ricochet around the blogosphere with a noise that drowns out all other campaign news.

Team McCain will have to invest enormous amounts of energy into defending Mrs. Palin, explaining its choice of Mrs. Palin, preparing Mrs. Palin for high-profile media interviews, marshalling the support of the Republican establishment...

Which means all that political energy won’t be spent defining the Democrats, attacking Barack Obama, pushing the McCain “message,” and otherwise doing what the GOP wants to be doing in the homestretch of a neck-and-neck race.

I won’t predict what’s gonna happen. But... two or three weeks, y’all. In two or three weeks, something is gonna happen.

Will Cinderella’s chariot revert to a pumpkin? Will Sarah Palin be back in Wasilla? (Or “Wa-silly,” as Obama mispronounced it on Anderson Cooper’s show tonight.) Will John McCain have to find himself a new running mate?

Flip a coin.


Vince Spence said...

I am a little surprised at the intensity level you have attached to this topic. I've seen you much less animated at real 'white devils' like me. But, demonizing the white race seems to occupy a lot of time on this site.

I'll still visit this site because of the music and other fabulous stuff you come up with, but James C. Collier is now my newest black best friend. He has this incredibly naive concept that whitey is not 100% responsible for the current 'black condition'. He has attributed a small part of the problem to non-whites. Wow, what a 'Tom' he is; he is even worse than Bill Cosby...

LeaNder said...

Don't underestimate the stupidity of the mainstream. I am surely puzzled, but two things come to mind:

Look at this:

McCain speaks in slogans

You once told us you were basically a conservative. Here's an interesting link to a self declared neo-neocon for you:

Palin: A less-wordy Obama for the right?

or maybe even better this:
Sophia and Sarah separated at birth?

The media is the message; media means sound bites for the masses who are pleased with the illusion of being understood. ... All you need is a reliable soldier who sticks to your designs. What will be the equivalent of the much repeated Kerry flip-flops? What will be hammered in people's minds in sound bites?

LeaNder said...

Maybe not mainstream but masses. Shows my bias? My German problem?

Jazzy said...
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odocoileus said...

That boots and skirt combination is kinda sexy, no?

I'm waiting for the song parodies.

"Moose Skinner's Daughter"?

"I've Got Friends in Cold Places"?

Jazzy said...

Lord, forgive me but I'm really digging this ish right now!

cnulan said...
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cnulan said...

The Republicans have so completely given themselves over to the reality of exemplifying that they
have totally abandoned the myth of national leadership. No more pretending required that the President and Vice-President are somehow the leaders of the United States, that they make national decisions, that they control the
direction of this "great nation".

In the prevailing republican mythos, the Pee and VeePee are nothing more than figureheads - to hell with qualifications. Watch, these pathetic nutsacks will follow through with the presentation of their royal figureheads this week. There's no backing down from it now.

Everybody loves the queen for the pungent Jerry Springer demographic that she portrays. That "naughty school teacher" thing you've noted in your choice of photograph has got old wood sprung. Why, she still ovulates, looking and smelling of something totally different than the Grendel-beast that the Democrats were experimenting with.

Good luck Baraka, you'll never titillate the old crusty white male voter like miss nasty pants and her jailbait klan.

George Carlin and Bill Hicks would have had a field day with this shit.

cuz said...

Be on your guard UBM and other bloggers. The talking point by the McCain campaign is the evil "liberal bloggers" who are attacking Palin and spreading smears. They can dish it but can't take it. Or as HRC said, "If you can't stand the heat..." I notice two comments deleted in this thread. I'm inclined to think some blogs will be targeted.

Kellybelle said...

I agree with you about Palin being the gift that keeps on giving.

Wow, can I just say "Hi, Hater" to vince spence? Since when is commenting on society as you see it demonizing white people? Maybe it's an inside joke I don't get.

maria said... are free to go anytime you don't agree with what david posts and if you get bored twisting his words.

BYE! you will not be missed.

odocoileus said...

Vince is white?

Damn. I'll have to cross him off my Xmas card list.

Back to plotting against whitey. A radical negro's work is never done.

JD Rhoades said...

Hey! I got demonized? And I missed it?


Undercover Black Man said...

Vince: Jim Collier is a serious cat. I don't blame you one bit.

Nulan: Brutal!

cnulan said...

pungent? a tad....,

I'm confident, however, that you'd correct me if I misrepresented or exaggerated any detail.

oh and btw - have you seen this yet?

kinda shrinkage inducing imoho......,

Undercover Black Man said...

I'm confident, however, that you'd correct me if I misrepresented or exaggerated any detail.


And thanks for that link! Love it love it love it! Now somebody better get crackin' on posters. (Although, as Prometheus 6 says, that could be doing the GOP a favor.)

Dear White People said...

Hmmmm. 2 or 3 weeks? This isn't a 9/11 connection is it? It's not quite in "2 or 3 weeks" but close enough. Regardless, I'll be paying attention, despite the fact that I feel over-saturated with Election '08. Can't wait for November already.

The Doc said...

As some of my deep south ol' foke might say, at this point, it's him and gator. (John McCain I mean.) He's crossed the Rubicon, at this point Palin is his vp. If her sends her away, the feminists would eat him alive. (Which would only be less exacerbated if he picked another woman, but this in and of itself would be a loud beacon to everyone, if it wasn't already obvious enough, that he's pandering.)

sally said...

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