Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gov. Palin prepares for ‘shotgun wedding’

Yeah, it’s fake... but I’d still buy the door-sized poster version.

(Hat-tip: Prometheus 6.)


Dougfp said...

One thing I find curious about this story. McCain's people say the announcement of Bristol's pregnancy was intended to rebut rumors that she was Trig's mother and not Governor Palin. Couldn't they have simply released the hospital records on Palin's pregnancy to a few reporters? Why did they have to throw the daughter under the bus? It makes me suspect that the story about Trig was true and this was a crude way of rebutting it. Ask yourself. How do we know Bristol is five months pregnant? What if it's only three and both children are hers? We won't know until the baby is delivered and that will be after the election when it will hardly matter.

This is just a suspicion on my part. But at a minimum the selection of Palin shows atrocious judgment by McCain.

Love the picture by the way. Imagine if Michele had posed in a flag bikini and advocated that Illinois secede from the union. The Right would never shut up.

bklyn6 said...

"Shoot em for he runs now"

JD Rhoades said...

Why did they have to throw the daughter under the bus?

So they could get indignant and attack those "dirty liberals" who brought it up.

Make no mistake, they used this girl as bait to try and get Obama to make some statement they could get frothing at the mouth indignant about. And when he wouldn't so that, they do the next best thing: try to associate every blogger who brings it up with the Obama campaign.

They staked Bristol out like a sacrificial lamb. It's despicable.

Jeffrey said...

Great picture.

I like the humour here and I'm a big fan of Governor Palin. From all i've been able to find out about her over the past few months, I still believe she's a great executive who fights for what she believes and takes no *&%$ off of her opponents. I visited the State of Alaska website last month and her page was used to refute any negative stories being told about her.

This may be BAD news for McCain because I can't see her being the silently smiling woman who weathers all negative criticisms through November to help the team win. No! If they come after her, I see her going right back at them.

One thing to consider though, even if you absolutely detest McCain, is that picking her represents a true risk. Maybe it's a politically calculated risk because he felt he needed to do something to swing the news back his way. Whatever the motivation, McCain is taking a big chance to win. And that is a big CHANGE from the status quo.

Obama on the other hand says he represents CHANGE, but his pick was as conservative as they come. Picking Hillary would have been a gutsy move though personally I think a bad one. I like Biden too as he seems willing to lay it on the line and speak his mind. But that has biten him before & may bite Obama before November. The point here is the VP pick was a chance for Obama to demonstrate he really means to change the game. He didn't take it.

Still, no matter who wins, this will now be a historic election. I have reservations about both, but can honestly say that I'll be excited to have either one in office.

One thing I'm waiting to see, though I hold the odds low, is McCain promising he'll only serve 1 term. Now that would be change!

Undercover Black Man said...

Doug: There is something odd and comical about announcing Bristol's pregnancy to swat down a rumor.

It's like: "My teenage son couldn't have been involved in that hit-and-run. His car was already wrecked from when he smashed into that electric pole!"

But at a minimum the selection of Palin shows atrocious judgment by McCain.

Yeah, that's where the focus should be. Because it seems McCain has Chinese-handcuffed himself. They claim he knew about the pregnancy beforehand; otherwise, the campaign would look like amateurs for having been caught unawares. But...

... if McCain knew about the pregnancy, and chose Palin anyway, knowing that the Palin family would eventually face a raft of shit in the press about it... then what does that say about his judgement?

I have to assume that McCain didn't know about the pregnancy, and his staff is lying about it.

We will know soon enough. In a shitstorm like this, it's inevitable that insiders will start to leak to the press, a la the Hillary campaign, in a modern dance of scapegoating as ass-covery.

Meanwhile, the more this race is about Sarah Palin, the less it's about Obama. And McCain (I thought) was trying to make this a referendum on Obama.

Malcolm said...

At least the total lack of vetting is bringing some entertainment to an otherwise boring political month.

My two favorite bombshells from the last two days:

1. The part about her being a former member of the group that wants Alaska to secede from the union.

2. The one about her threatening to fire the librarian for not going along with the idea of banning books from the public library.

I don't think we've even scratched the surface. I say leave the children out of it, there are enough legitimate issues

Invisible Hand said...

Hubba, hubba. Now I know why there are so many men up in Alaska.

Vince Spence said...

Real classy, David. We look at the picture and then you yell, "Fake"...

Vince Spence said...

IF a Democrat is inaugurated in January, 2009, it will end an era of Republican domination of the White House for 28 of the past 40 years. You could not defeat Nixon, Ford, Reagan and the Bushes? Do you honestly believe "McStain" (still have no idea what that means, Craig) and his strategists are bumblebrains and knuckleheads and the left hand doesn't know what the right one is doing?

Just one question, how much have you read about Barack's fine acceptance speech since Sarah Barracuda was announced as VP candidate? Beware of old white men. They may not use washcloths, but they do know how to win elections...

Undercover Black Man said...

Just one question, how much have you read about Barack's fine acceptance speech since Sarah Barracuda was announced as VP candidate?

Check the bottom of my homepage, Vince. Check out that bouncy-bounce.

The problem for McCain is exactly what you point out: Sarah Cinderella is so new, Obama seems like an incumbent by comparison.

It doesn't highlight Obama's inexperience. It highlights Obama's familiarity to voters.

Vince Spence said...


I am not debating you. Sarah is definitely unqualified and Barack, in comparison, is more qualified.

Just do not assume others are as dumb as the things they appear to be doing. How does Bush defeat Gore? Who the f knows? But, it happened.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Well, you're right about that. And Obama better not presume for one day that he has this race wrapped up.

neptune said...

So has Fox News rolled out the "baby mama" business yet? Oh wait, that only applies to married Black women who conceived and gave birth to their children inside of wedlock.

How does Bush defeat Gore? Who the f knows? But, it happened. Come on, we all know how it happened. Voting fraud in Ohio and Florida. Which could very well happen again since everyone's trying to pretend it didn't happen the last time.

Prometheus 6 said...

By the way, you should check the picture Innocent Byproduct says is the original picture from which Palin's head was lifted to "create" the picture. In particular, compare the hair.

I can't guarantee it's not a fake but I can guarantee THAT picture isn't part of the mash-up, if mash-up it be.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ The image was flipped.

Prometheus 6 said...

Yeah, well I went to Snopes...they may not have Palin's head but they definitely have the body it was pasted on.

I had to post an explanation, but I'm leaving the picture up.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ The power of the picture is that, Photoshopped or not, it communicates a truth.

Thanks for posting it in the first place.