Monday, September 15, 2008

Now this is what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

This hard-hitting anti-McCain ad just ran on MSNBC. It was produced by Brave New PAC – an offshoot of liberal activist Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films.

Like I’ve been saying lately: Don’t attack your opponent’s weakness. Attack his strength. I’m gonna donate some cash money to Brave New PAC. I urge y’all to do the same.

UPDATE (09/15/08): To donate to Brave New PAC, click here.

This ad was co-sponsored by Democracy for America, a progressive PAC founded by Howard Dean and now run by his brother, Jim Dean.

If you wanna help Democracy for America buy TV time for this ad, you can donate by clicking here.


phx said...

1) Reminds me (and probably others) of the disgusting Swiftboaters. Just reminds me.
2) I don't know this guy from Adam. Why would I believe him?
3) I don't know who this group is sponsoring the ad. Again, reminds me of the s-boaters.
4) I know John McCain's got a temper - I don't like it but that's not a deal breaker as long as he's fighting for me.
I say fight the good fight on the issues. And the fact that he's probably jeapordized our national security by putting Palin so close to Presidency.

Undercover Black Man said...

I say fight the good fight on the issues.

Here's the thing, though, phx. McCain has already decided that his campaign WILL NOT be about the issues. Because if a Republican runs on the issues this year, he's gonna lose.

So McCain is making this election about Obama personally. That's why its ads mock him, belittle him and distort his positions.

Are you saying that McCain gets to run against Obama personally, but Democrats have to stick to the issues?

Haven't we seen that that's a formula for losing?

And if you want to know about the group sponsoring this ad, why don't you click on the link I provided and learn about Robert Greenwald?

Undercover Black Man said...

Also, phx, if you want to know who Phillip Butler is, and how you should measure his words, read this.

Butler wrote it in March, explaining why he won't vote for McCain as president.

Butler remembers McCain from the U.S. Naval Academy. And Butler spent 8 years as a prisoner of war in Hanoi.

phx said...

Well, I accept your challenge and I WILL look RG and the group up - although I didn't say I WANTED to know who they were - like millions of people my impression is just going to be it's a negative ad, must be a PAC. But I'll check out the link.
Yes, I DO think Obama should run on the issues and stick to the high ground. I think that's the reason MANY of us were enthusiastic about him in the first place. They both SAY they want change, but if both of them are just going to sling the mud as ugly as you please, then I'm thinking, oh, they're BOTH liars and it's going to be business as usual. And frankly, I don't give a damn who wins then.
I don't know how many other people are feeling as disengaged from all this nonsense as I am, but I'm counting on Obama to help make me feel like I give a rat's ass anymore.
Tactically, the problem with the ad is, it just doesn't seem that believable IMO, unless you're already outside of McCain's camp. Then again, wtf would I know about focus groups or political campaigns?
I'll check the link.

mel said...

I agree with you phx.
I want to give a rat's ass too.
Barack Obama has made me proud every time he's opened his mouth.
He made me proud when he consistently congratulated what'shername throughout the primaries, even though she wouldn't speak his name.
He made me proud when he said Palin's daughter, and the baby daddy are off limits. period.
I think Obama has been good about pointing out the lies McCain spews....but slinging mud just for the sake of slinging is not smart.
McCain isn't going to win because he's better at slinging mud.
He's going to win because this country is racist.
If Obama started slinging, he'd be the angry black man showing his true colors, slinging mud like all the other politicians.....

You are donating money to the PAC for that hideous ad, yet you won't donate time to the man you want for your next President?
A little confusing.

Kellybelle said...

I saw this! I thought it was Democracy for America. I was eating dinner and scalded myself trying to see approved that ad.
I (heart)Phillip Butler

Undercover Black Man said...

I thought it was Democracy for America.

Actually, Kellybelle, that group did co-sponsor the ad.

Undercover Black Man said...

McCain isn't going to win because he's better at slinging mud.
He's going to win because this country is racist.

Now I'm confused, Mel. If you think McCain's going to win because this country is too racist to elect Obama... then why are you wasting your time making phone calls?

Your other premise is faulty as well. The Republicans are indeed trying to mudsling their way to victory. Guilt by association. Smearing Obama as un-American and anti-Christian.

Well, I say every action ought to have an equal and opposite reaction.

mel said...

Um, how do you suppose I came to understand how this country is they think?
Maybe by conversing with those folks who STILL ask about Obama "bein' part muslim or somethin' like that" or people who like Palin's "look" or "connect" with her....
By making phone calls and talking with everyone I see about Obama.

And, uhhh...I didn't say the Repubs weren't TRYING to sling mud.... It just wouldn't work if the folks in this nation weren't sitting around waiting for a reason NOT to vote Barack.....a "look" they can connect with....the All-American Sarah Palin....

Change in the past wasn't brought about in this country by "equal and opposite reactions"....and it ain't gonna work now.

And your confusion is ok...
I'm afraid Obama's gonna lose, yet I'm doing what I can for his campaign until the day it happens.
Makes perfect sense to me.

My confusion with your excuse still stands.

gangsta mack said...

I am with you, UBM. This is a solid return punch, Rove-style...except it isn't a lie.

You need to post that "tough response" Dukakis ran against 41 that's now making the rounds online to see how weak the normal Democratic response - even when trying to be "tough" - can be.

brightstarr said...

Oh Hell yes, I think I will have to start donating to this 503 org's because they are coming hard with the attack ads. I personally don't respond to them as voter, but there's a certain segment of people in swing states who may. Someone needs to respond to McCain on his (john wayne) level. Gang-ster.

quirkychick said...

Works for me as long as Obama doesn't show up at the end saying that he approves.

I like that he takes the high road - that appeals to me - but I am not representative of the majority of people who vote. A lot of them would think it's great that McCain has a temper because that way he can kick Osama Bin Laden's ass.

I know people who should know better who are concerned that Barack Obama is a secret muslim who is going to tax them into the poor house.

I agree with Phx in that this reminds me of the swift boat attacks which did not appeal to me but did a great job of sinking John Kerry by making it seem like he was a liar and a coward.

I absolutely believe this guy - but will anyone else who isn't already in the choir? and will they perceive what he's saying as a negative.

There were a lot of people who wanted to send a nuclear bomb to Afghanistan right after 9/11 and they might think someone with rage issues is exactly who they want to have their finger near the red button if Iran gets out of control or a terrorist group succeeds in another mass murder.

To many people pushing that button and howling in rage seems like the exactly right thing to do and they want someone who they can count on to do that. Most people here don't seem to think about an action like that and how it would affect the world.

I think right now the most effective ad would be to highlight the really scary state of the economy and hammer home the reality that a McCain/Palin administration would hammer nails into the coffin of the middle class.

Undercover Black Man said...

Works for me as long as Obama doesn't show up at the end saying that he approves.

Well, quirkychick, Obama's gonna get hammered for it anyway. Here's the headline from (right-wing) tonight:

"Obama Group Attacks McCain's POW Status"

And the McCain campaign itself put out a press release in reaction to this ad, saying: "[I]t should be clear by now that Senator Obama will say anything, and do anything, in order to get elected."

It's all good. Let Hannity and Limbaugh have their shit-fits. Feed the virus. Get more people seeing this ad on YouTube, and talking about Phillip Butler and his perspective on his fellow Midshipman.

McCain, I say again, is the one who made 5 1/2 years in Hanoi a character credential. Let's talk about whether there's more to the story.