Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Neo-Nazi shenanigans

Do you know who Bill White is? There’s no reason why you should.

The only reason I do is because I read about organized racists with the same morbid fascination that other people read about exotic spiders or skin diseases.

Bill White, who lives in Roanoke, Va., is “Commander” of the American National Socialist Workers Party. He’s also the webmaster of and the publisher of National Socialist magazine.

Last year, White published the home address and phone number of Leonard Pitts, a Pulitzer Prize-winning black columnist (whom White called “Nigger Pitts”). White didn’t like what Pitts had written about a black-on-white murder case.

White later wrote: “Frankly, if some loony took the info and killed [Pitts], I wouldn’t shed a tear.”

So that’s the kind of head case we’re talking about.

Bill White is now trying to raise a few thousand dollars to publish the next issue of National Socialist. It’ll have Barack Obama on the cover. And the words “Kill This NIGGER?”

(The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch website reported this a few days ago.)

Last night White appealed for cash on his Internet radio show. Click here to hear a 2½-minute excerpt on my Vox blog.

And below is a vidclip from earlier this year, with Bill White speaking in Chicago to honor Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

When karma catches up with this guy... it ain’t gonna be pretty.


Invisible Hand said...

I'm no lawyer, but it sure seems as though he's tap-dancing on the limits of free speech protection, right

He seems to be at least making himself liable should something happen to Pitts or Obama (Internet radio show? Computers keep record of every thing -- it wouldn't be hard to figure out if his words helped goad some crazy into acting).

None of that seems very smart... Oh, wait, he's a white supremacist -- of course he's not very smart.

phx said...

I can't even imagine what it must be like for someone like him to fill his head with that much hate every day. What a horrible life to lead. Does he know you only get one?

Bill White said...

Let me ask you this:

What could karma possibly do to me worse than make me an 80 IQ souless black skinned animal who has to spend his say bitching on the internet about "racism" to justify his personal failure in life?

Just curious, nigger. Don't try to think too hard, your head might explode like Stephanie Tubbs-Jones':

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Welcome to the House of Love, Mr. White.

dickster1961 said...

Good thing he doesn't speak for all us white folk. Gives some of us a bad name. Of course I probably will be labeled a "nigger lover" and be just as low on the food chain in his eyes. Cest la vie.

Wonder if I get any "white points" back for planning to vote for McCain?

Kellybelle said...

Why is it a question mark? Is that to protect him in case some nutjob actually takes him up on his suggestion?
What is wrong with people?
Are there some whites who really believe Blacks are inferior?
You know how you know something and still can't believe it? Yeah.

Kellybelle said...

Heavenly Father,
I pray for Bill White's soul. There is nothing I could wish on him that is worse than Your wrath. Amen.

Just read the comments. My Lord, My Lord.

Joel said...

Bill White....Bill White...Is that the same Bill White that got his ass whipped by those 2 black guys in Maryland? Hmmmm....

Invisible Hand said...

"Politics Makes Niggers Brain Explode" -- is his site, like, the White Power 'Onion' or something? Mr. White should come out to Los Angeles and write comedy.

And the apostrophe is in the wrong place. It should be singular possessive... unless, of course, he means to say that politics will make every niggers' head explode, not just Ms. Tubbs-Jones (maybe he's done a study... we don't know).

Either way, an inquiring public demands answers. I certainly need to know. Could determine whether or not I end up voting. I like my brain.

Anonymous said...

The way these people sit around spending their entire lives meditating on blacks is scary.

Lyndon said...

I'm with you, UBM. It's a morbid fascination. I read the SPLC Intelligence Report all the damn time. These people are crazy. Bill White's crazy, the Hebrew Israelite movement is crazy (did you read about them?!)

They're all a bunch of wussies, though. They're anti-intellectual morons who believe that Jews spend their time trying to keep the redneck down.

phx said...

A spider is not a man.

mel said...

Bill White was someone's baby boy once.
A child, full of joy...
What happened?
I can't fathom was poisoned this soul.

Anonymous said...

When Leonard Pitts writes about race he's fair and he pulls no punches. I have never read anything by him that made me feel he was giving a raw deal to us lighter brethren. Why is it the dumbest most hateful pieces of shit always want to stand up in front and say I'm here to represent my race ? And what Freudian inadequacy drives these freaks in their lust to hate like this ? Damn, it must be just tiny as a hamster !!!

Anonymous said...

If you spend much time reading the nastier white power types, you will see accusations that Bill White is a Jew ("Bill Weiss") and an agent provacateur. I have no idea if that's true, but if it is, it would explain how he gets away with quasi-threats like this.

I had wondered how Hal Turner, who is like a cliched rabid white supremacist from a bad made-for-TV movie, didn't go to prison for the things he said, until his tubes were hacked and it turned out that he was an informant. I wouldn't expect the government to have much mercy on these people if they were not informants, because everybody hates neo-nazis.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that his party is called the American National Socialist White People's Party, or ANSWP, or "Anuswipe." How could you name your party "Anuswipe" unless you were pulling one over on your members?

Michael Fisher said...

Bill White...

"What could karma possibly do to me worse than make me an 80 IQ..."

And where exactly lie the conceptual differences between Bill White and yourself, David Mills, particularly as far as the supposed genetic "black" IQ gap with "whites" is concerned?

maria said...

holy fuck you, racist pig. how dare you attack david on his own blog?

and why the hell hasn't the secret service paid you a visit yet and locked your stupid ass up?

tonight i did 3 hours of phone banking for obama and saturday i am coming to YOUR HOOD to canvass.

want to kill me, too, you piece of filth?

bklyn6 said...

What a horrible life to lead. Does he know you only get one?

Wouldn't he have to be sentient to "know" anything?

Bill White said...

I have seen Obama organizers in "my hood" signing up crack addicts and prostitutes "to vote". Its rather amusing. I wonder if you realize how many of those you "sign up" will never actually cast a ballot.

I'm the Bill White from Virginia who choked a black guy almost to death late last year, and then was acquitted of "hate crimes". I wrote an essay about it:

And, believe me, I do what I do because I enjoy it.

To a nigger, "love" is something that produces bastard children they don't support, or its a con they use to take money in the name of running a corner store "church", right across from the liquor mart.

To a white man, "love" has a real, transcendental meaning, part of which is the annihilation of evil.

Lightning and the sun, and, for too long, niggers have been let out to bask in the sun.

Bill White said...

Ah, and I see there is a Jew named Fisher wanting to discuss "concepts".

Oy, vey! Vat a surprise!

Discuss concepts with the devil while you help him roast the goy souls you've brought down. The only discussion I want with you is "why did I put you in that camp?" and "is it really just a shower?"

Michael Fisher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael Fisher said...

Bill White...

"Ah, and I see there is a Jew named Fisher..."


Apparently, however, you can not read.

Do you not advocate that blacks are genetically disposed towards an IQ that is lower than whites?

Well, Mr. Mills is a fellow traveler of yours in that respect.

Do you not advocate that without whites black people would not have reached the level of civilization they display today?

Mr. Mills is a fellow traveler of yours in that respect as well.

Do you not advocate that Africans and African countries such as Zimbabwe can never catch up with white countries such as the United Kingdom?

Again here Mr. Mills is of one mind with you, Sir.

Interesting, Bubbele, nu?

Christina said...

Maria, you can't reason with barking dogs. Don't let yourself be baited.

phx said...

Christina is exactly right - Bill White is just trying to manipulate and bait people - there are millions like him. He's just one of the most sensational, because of the cloak of his ideology and b/c he makes it so personal with so many people. But they're all the same really - they want to bait you so you're distracted from every higher purpose you hold. Look at his insane arguments, and look at his insane definition of love. It IS bait.

Someone like him - and again they are so common it's ridiculous, he's just an exotic variety, wounds you the worse not by his words, not by his headlocks, but because he drags you from real argument and from real love. Remember this: it's YOUR responsibility if you let him do this to you, not his.

bklyn6 said...

Look at his insane arguments, and look at his insane definition of love.

Psychotic. Evil is relative.

maria said...

fear not, i got the love and am not distracted but further emboldened.

Michael Fisher said...

What is interesting about this development is that the commentators on this site fly into a rage when some racist makes specific anti-"black" racist allegations when he is dressed up as a Nazi, but are accepting when the same arguments are made when he dresses up as a "black" man. An "undercover" one to boot.

((shakin' head)))

Matthew Ramsey aka Jim Ramm said...

Yes, blacks are not equal. Explain Africa and Europe. Enough said. And I'm in love with Bill White. He looks good. Sucks he hates me and my kind.

Lloyd Cochran said...

Racism is sad. For years I was a KKK leader. I gave that up and now spend all my time combating Nazis and all like minded bigots. Unity is always the key. Help us combat evil racism.

Lyndon said...

Looks like you got some spam, sir.

I feel sorry for these guys. They're anti-social and have a chip on their shoulder. Hey, Bill? Doesn't it get old hating everyone? Do you ever think about things like grocery shopping, or how cute a kitten is when it yawns, or what the city council is doing about the speeding problem on Central?

It must be tiresome.

apollonian said...

Bill White, ANSWP, Growing Force In White Patriot Movement
(Apollonian, 18 Sep 08)

"Lyndon," didn't u know, according to Greek Tragedy, life sucks anyway? So what's life all about but trying to have as much fun as possible, given circumstances? Thus we think in philosophic terms of circumstances to life, and the circumstances to those circumstances.

Thus as white racists, surely u understand we racists understand racism as virtue of LOYALTY--as all people do (who are HONEST, anyway).

Mixed-race people just want to RAPE the whole rest of the world, dragging rest of world down to their level of raped, conquered degradation, evidently--thus they must understand they're subject to being exterminated by us racists who intend to preserve racial integrity.

Hence given the difficulties of present situation we try to reason w. one another, and it seems to me pretty obvious we'll only be able to survive by way of separatism, we whites retaining bulk of USA, non-whites keeping much smaller, less significant parts, like present Indian reservations.

Thus I rather sympathize most w. Ron Paul fm among major candidates, power ascending fm the people, gov.s having only strictly DELEGATED powers, freely given by individuals--in accord w. tradition US Constitutional understanding. U mud-races types must understand u won't be voting in white's elections or holding office in any but ur own governments.

As Christian, it seems to me most people among all races--but for Jews, of course--can get along on above-described rational basis.

Jews are special case, they being followers of their definitive Talmud (see,, and for best Talmudic expo).

Thus it seems obvious to me Jews are by far major problem of the world (again, ck out their Talmud), and rest of humanity must cooperate to defeat Jew monsters, this cooperation then to be best in accord w. original US Constitution.

CONCLUSION: I'm actually great fan of Bill White (, though I wish he'd be more Christian-oriented, by which means his appeal to white volk would be greatly, exponentially, I believe, enhanced. I'm surprised Bill is over here at this blog, "Undercover...," but it is interesting sometimes to see what other folks talk about. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

phx said...

Oh, look. Appollonian is trying to communicate with us and use our language. That's so cute!

Undercover Black Man said...

Looks like you got some spam, sir.

It's worse than the heartbreak of psoriasis, Lyndon. I thought the sign-in feature was supposed to prevent that.

How can I block the spammers? Can someone please educate me?

Lyndon said...

"As Christian, it seems to me most people among all races--but for Jews, of course--can get along on above-described rational basis."

For a "native" you sure haven't mastered the mother tongue. You write like a Japanese businessman speaks.

Jewish History Mike said...

Just ignore Mr. White. He wants the attention. Support Eyes on Hate, the United States most hardcore Anti-Racist group.

Anonymous said...

"most hardcore"? ha! their activities consist entirely of reprinting internet gossip and they cant even put out radio shows on time because of floyd's alcoholism.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Fuck me. It's like I messed with a Ouija board and opened up a portal I didn't want to open.

Michael Fisher said...

I truly appreciate people like Mr. White. No deception, no fake "I'm down with you" liberal white racist bullshit designed to confuse non-whites.

He is straight up, no chaser. There are no possibilities for illusions by non-white people (though I bet some die-hards would try to cover him to anti-racism".

If all white racists were as simple and straight-forward like him, things would be a lot easier for counter-racists.

Anonymous said...

Bill white is either an idiot, try selling nazism to White Americans today, or -- much more likely -- an agent provacateur, stooge for the anti-race realist left. In fact, he's most likely both.

You guys are wasting your time, but what can you expect from Undercover Black Man?

Lloyd Cochran said...

You guys have wasted way too much time on Bill White. We are only about $1,255 away from restarting the Bill White Milita. Soon Eyes on Hate will stop Mr. White and his racism. Join Eyes on Hate today and help us end the racism of Bill White,

Anonymous said...

Bill White is no Nazi, he's a paid ADL/SPLC asset whose primary mission is to stir up racial hatred so that the Jews can instate hate speech legislation which will then be used to prevent anyone from telling others the truth about Jewry.

If you really want to know who and what William Weiss AKA B ill White is, read the below articles:

Anonymous said...

You morons, comparing Britain to Zimbabwe.... Did you retarded heads ever sit through History? I guess not...Tell me this, What are you going to do when China "starts" running the world, Yeah the yellow man If you prefer that term..It seems you do.
I mean economically, millitarilly and technologically. In the not so near future it is, and not too distant.

Anonymous said...

Bill White (some blogs have claimed that his real name is "Weiss") is, actually, a Communist nee "anarchist," and his "overthow" designation means to overthrow the government. He envisions himself as some latter-day Emma Goldman. He's no "vast, right-wing conspirator," just a wanna-be Sixties' weatherman, who Ayers wouldn't even have anything to do with.