Saturday, September 20, 2008

A free Pacifika download

Today’s FREE MP3 comes from Pacifika, a Canadian alt-Latin group. I didn’t even know they had Latinos up there. (Vocalist Silvana Kane was born in Peru.)

Click here to hear “Me Cai” on my Vox blog. This track is from Pacifika’s 2008 album “Asunción.”

To download it, follow this link to


Dollar Bill said...

Here I am!

You are doing a admirable job of ensuring there is at least 30% Canadian Content(CanCon)in your broadcast.
The CRTC would be very happy with you.

Yes,we have everyone from everywhere in Canada,even Latino's & thankfully Latina's.

Perhaps they shoulda made that left turn at Albuquerque,but we are glad to have them,their food,music and culture.

Everyone comes here now for the Americian dream and for the most part they find they are welcomed.

You're all welcome to head up here anytime,regardless of how the upcoming election turns out(yours and ours).

The rarer thing than Latino's is according to my American friends who visit,to get more than one person of the same race to be seen in public together,much less date/marry.LOL

N.P. Book T & MG's-Melting Pot

blackink said...

I'm already a big fan of Silvana. Now I probably should listen to her sing.