Sunday, September 21, 2008

Penn’s compassion for Hillary

Penn Jillette, that lovable Libertarian loudmouth, got in trouble earlier this year for telling a Hillary Clinton joke with the words “white bitch” in the punch line.

In this 4½-minute video, uploaded last week, Penn says his feelings toward Sen. Clinton have changed.


destruction said...

If this doesn't show, pls copy and paste the above link in your browser address bar.....and tell me how Drudgereport gets away with ALMOST ALWAYS showing pics of Barack and White women, appearing as if they're about to kiss. I've seen it with Hillary and others.

Are there that many Neanderthals in this country...with Net access?


Thx for the Sugar Pie clip earlier.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Good eye, destruction. I'll start collecting those images off the Drudge Report. I hadn't noticed.

P.S. You're very welcome.

bumpster said...

Why should I give a shit what a loud mouth dick like Penn Wilkinson thinks? His he the voice of the suburban bedroom stoner genius? Have another hit and stick another pin in your lip. Loser.

maria said...

don't see a lip pin on penn.

i think he's a gas bag. should stick to magic. makes one wish he was the silent one.

also, time for touching up those roots, penn.

neptune said...

Far be it from me to defend Hillary but that guy is beyond vile. Ugh, close ups on Penn? DO NOT WANT!

mint_tea said...

Well sure, everyone feels bad for Tracy Flick. She's never going to become more loveable. She's never gonna be the girl next door like Sarah Palin.

"McCain and Obama and Biden and Palin... they all want more war and bigger government."

Ummm, no. A world of no to this intellectually lazy cop-out. McCain surrounds himself with such luminaries as Robert Kagan, neocon extraordinaire.

To paraphrase Ron Paul: how could anyone endorse a candidate who thought "bomb Iran, bomb Iran, bomb Iran" was a joke?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Ron Paul's starting to look like a freakin' prophet.