Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clinton hearts McCain

I hope I’m not being unfair to the former president. Or certifiably paranoid.

But I listened to the introductions Bill Clinton gave for John McCain and (via satellite) Barack Obama at this morning’s meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative... Bill’s big humanitarian project.

Clinton said he was “personally profoundly honored” by McCain’s presence and “profoundly grateful” that he came.

When it was Obama’s turn, Clinton thanked him less effusively. Clinton had words of praise for Obama, but he also managed to slip in this weird racial remark: “And as you might imagine, he’s pretty popular in Harlem.”

I’m taking that out of context. But even in context, it was... off.

I have uploaded both introductions to my Vox blog, for anyone who wants to listen for oneself. Click here to hear Clinton’s introduction of McCain; click here for his introduction of Obama. (Full video webcast is here.)

I realize the Clinton Global Initiative isn’t a partisan enterprise. It wasn’t the place for Bill to put down the Republican nominee or cheerlead for the Democrat.

But considering Clinton’s other public comments this week, I just feel him trying to boost John McCain.

And he is doing his wife a disservice.


DeAngelo Starnes said...

I don't think you're being paranoid. Bill undermined his wife and Obama during the primary. Bill is still stuck on Bill. But what was the hellafied remark about him and dicks that kellybelle made. Seems to be truer with everything this guy has done during this campaign.

I never did like Clinton and hated that First Black President bullshit.

dez said...

I believe Clinton has offices (or even a main office) in Harlem, which is what he was probably referring to with that remark. But yeah, still kinda weird.

A friend of mine who has been a big Obama supporter since the beginning and I were talking about Clinton's lukewarm approval of Obama. Although my friend will still vote for Obama, his support is less enthusiastic and it's because of the way Obama has treated the Clintons. He thinks Bill's just repaying Obama for the arrogance Obama showed towards Hillary (something I had mentioned early on as pissing me off and which my friend begrudged me at the time, ironically). He's not a Hillary fan, but he digs Bill and Bill's unspoken opinion is affecting him. Like I said, my friend will still vote Obama (my friend's an honorably discharged Marine and he HATES McCain), but I wonder how many Clinton-lovin' Obama supporters will change their votes because of Bill's lackluster campaigning?

Undercover Black Man said...

dez: I don't recall many instances of Obama dissing the Clintons. That line during one of the debates -- "You're likeable enough" -- yeah, that was pissy.

But the shoulder brush-off that the PUMAs still howl in outrage over... that was Obama dismissing Hillary's negative attacks, not dismissing her as a human being.

Obama had the benefit of getting over with a message of optimism, so he didn't have to build his campaign around tearing Hillary down.

Hillary, on the other hand, could only have won by tearing Obama. So I understand why she played the cards she was dealt. Not personal, just business.

Monie said...
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dez said...

dez: I don't recall many instances of Obama dissing the Clintons. That line during one of the debates -- "You're likeable enough" -- yeah, that was pissy.

It wasn't just what he said, but his demeanor toward her (during the debates, she would smile at him while he made his remark, but when she spoke, he would write notes, look away, basically ignore her). I'm sure I pointed it out before here because it really pissed me off at the time.

Anonymous said...

No one person has done more to destroy Hillary's lead than Bill.
He embarrassed her with the Monica debarcle and then blew her lead when he made the comparison between Obama and Jesse Jackson. I personally believe she would be a better candidate standing on her own two feet. Bill has never had discipline and that has always been his downfall.

mel said...

"It was his demeanor toward her" ...WHAT?!???

Barack Obama has been a gentleman every step of the way.
He mentioned Clinton EVERY time she won a state....Yet she wouldn't speak his name.
He has praised her all the way through - Even when she continued to throw (or try to throw) low blows.

UBM is right - the ONLY time he said anything even remotely "pissy" was when he said she was likeable enough.

dez said...

"It was his demeanor toward her" ...WHAT?!???

Did you see the debates? And the praising didn't start until she conceded and he realized he had to win over Hillary's supporters. Before that, he was an arrogant jackass to her.

Now I'm pissed all over again. Definitely not going to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm pissed all over again. Definitely not going to vote for him.
If that's your reason you're dumber than rocks.

mel said...

I saw every debate.
And I watched EVERY bit of news coverage of Obama and Clinton after each primary.
HE would congratulate her, (and Edwards, when he was around)...
But SHE wouldn't mention him- EVER.

I'm not making this up.
Go check all the speeches they made after each primary.

As for taking notes when someone speaks....they clearly all do it. I'm sure it's in Debating 101 class.

daughterofthedream said...

The NY Times has an article about all of this today

eclectiqu916 said...

I'm having a problem with this Bill Clinton thing myself. I think Bill's still feeling dis'ed from the primaries where Obama exposed some of the more lackluster aspects of the Clinton administration's policies (minus knee pads). Bill's got a lot of vanity and as the ole magic starts to fade with time, his legacy is the only potion he's got left. The Clintons have also been the dream team of the DNC machine. I think there's a power struggle going on between the old and loyal Clinton team, the old and disenchanted Clinton team, and some new blood (even folks who've been standing on the sides for awhile) that's trying to get a foot in. Bill has to accept just like the rest of us, his 15 minutes are up.

As for that debate in New Hampshire, I do want to share my impressions...I thought the "likeability" question was a stupid question from the start for this type of debate and an insult to Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, Obama stepped right into the poop, but IMO from the perspective I've just shared -- it was a stupid question. And again, that was ABC News moderating (Charlie Gibson); but I've given Gibson a hall pass for the Palin interview.

neptune said...

Perhaps some back room shenanigans are afoot and McCain has offered Clinton a role in his possible administration. Didn't Obama and Clinton have a private meeting not too long ago? Maybe Obama neglected to kneel and kiss the ring. I'm disappointed in Bill Clinton for behaving so childishly about this. Surely he knows what's at stake, but it appears that yet again, his ego comes first.

dez said...

If that's your reason you're dumber than rocks.

A) It's not my reason.
B) You didn't completely parse my sentence, I see. Those poor rocks.
C) Fuck off, anonymouse coward.

@mel, you apparently saw what you wanted to see. Many of us (including my friend who has been in Obama's camp from the start) saw what I saw, and it pissed us off.

mel said...

Dez -
Name droppin' with a friend who's been in the Obama camp from the beginning to make your point stronger?
A) That friend doesn't seem to be in the "camp" anymore - Maybe he oughtta set up camp with the opposition
B) Ever think that you might be talking to someone who's been in the "camp" from Day 1 as well?
C) I don't need to bring anyone else's opinion into MY discussion to prove my point...("we" all saw it my way).

Obama has stayed on the high road
...Though I suppose it's hard to pay attention to him, when you've merged onto a different one.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

The bottom-line, and we should be able to agree on this, Bill ain't helping Obama. Period. Drop the fuck off the media circuit. He's still in the 90s when he was getting his dick sucked in the White House. He might still be getting the occasional blow-job, but that's a steep drop-off from World's Most Powerful Man to now. Reminds me of Ali not being able to cope with not being the heavyweight champ. Can cause brain damage.

Come to think of it, he didn't help Gore or Kerry either.

Maybe someone should do to him what he did to Jesse in '92 "Thanks but no thanks."

dez said...

B) Ever think that you might be talking to someone who's been in the "camp" from Day 1 as well?

Yeah, you're not biased.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Yo, dez you mean "by-assed" as in assed out.

dez said...

The bottom-line, and we should be able to agree on this, Bill ain't helping Obama.

I agree. Bill needs to shut up.

UBM--what's a PUMA?

Undercover Black Man said...

PUMAs are those hardcore Hillary supporters who are now for McCain and filled with contempt for Obama. They chose the battle cry PUMA, meaning "Party Unity My Ass."

I can't stop eavesdropping on their comments at

dez said...

More like "Pole Up My Ass," yeesh.