Friday, August 29, 2008

An Auster fan on Sarah Palin

Lawrence Auster’s right-wing blog is jumpin’ today with news of the Republican vice presidential candidate. I suppose the whole blogosphere is on fire about this one.

But here’s a comment from Auster reader “John B.” (I share it because it’s funny.)

“As someone who knows that his decaying northeast Philadelphia neighborhood will only get more dangerous should Obama be elected, I couldn’t be happier about the Palin selection.

“Palin undercuts McCain’s argument that Obama lacks experience? I assume most persons realize that McCain makes that argument only because he doesn’t think he can get away with denouncing Obama as a Negro Communist.

“The main thing the Palin selection accomplishes is the destruction of Obama’s putative glamour. Now, wonder boy is just a black guy who thinks too much of himself. And the timing: the morning after his speech from Mt. Olympus.

“That such a move would never have occurred to me makes me realize that I just don’t understand how this game is played. Anyway – am looking forward to no increase in the likelihood of my having a knife stuck in my ribs anytime in the next four years.”


bklyn6 said...

"Anyway – am looking forward to no increase in the likelihood of my having a knife stuck in my ribs anytime in the next four years."

Maybe he'll consider performing seppuku in the next four years!

(Sorry, but people like that make me think not nice things.)

Francisco said...

MSNBC:Palin made a pitch directly to women and especially Democratic women voters by lavishing praise on 1984 Democratic vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro and Sen. Hillary Clinton, who lost the Democratic nomination to Sen. Barack Obama.

Told ya! Palin hasn't been in the ticket for half a day and she is already trying to get PUMAs and other Democratic women into the GOP. This is just a shameless attempt to 'divide and conquer' the Democratic party followers. I think it will fail, though.

Plus, one has to remember, the chances of McCain giving up the ghost while in office due to his old age aren't theoretical. If McCain wins, then dies, Palin becomes president. 2 yr-old governor in chance of the whole enchilada? Not Sure here.

maria said...

so crime will go up (and of course, only blacks commit murder) and people can actually call BO a "negro communist?"

i don't want to believe there are people like this. who have the right to vote, no less!

Undercover Black Man said...

^ It's like looking into a time machine, Maria.

Kellybelle said...

The level of stupidity in this country never ceases to amaze me. I was watching c-span after Barack's speech last night and the anti-Obama calls were ridiculous: "He'll raise taxes!" Um actually, he'll lower taxes for 95% of folks. "He'll screw up Iraq!" How can you screw it up anymore? "He's a colored Negro who'll take our women!" Wow.

Dan Coyle said...

A resident of Philadelphia? Racist? I'm shocked, I tell you, I am SHOCKED!

John B. said...

I should point out, if anyone has any doubt, that the "John B." referenced in your post, is not me! (Maybe I should come up with a more creative handle).

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Thought never crossed my mind, yo!