Friday, August 29, 2008

Voices from New Orleans

Three years ago on this day, the levees broke. New Orleans was flooded. And Katrina became a name that will live in infamy.

Embedded below is a 3-minute video from Organic Process Productions, apparently shot in January 2006. Just dudes bumping gums on a street corner... but it’s New Orleans, yo. New Orleans like a mug.


bklyn6 said...

That made me giggle. (Boom. Pluto's been demoted, but it's all good.)

I'd like see Trouble the Water. Boom. I heard Nagin walked out of the screening. Don't know if Bush, or Blanco caught it. :P

uglyblackjohn said...

Hopefully both the citizens and the government have learned a few things.
We'ee see this Tuesday.

Rusty Eagle, Hollywood, USA said...

Those three are New Orleans at its best or worst. Your choice. I frequently peep out your blog and I really dig that you keep my hometown of New Orleans on the forefront in your blog by mentioning local musicians. Are you from New Orleans or have relatives from there. In any case, I would like to speak with you about writing. Could you please reach out to me, so we speak or exchange emails? You can reach me at 323-823-0866 or

Rusty Eagle, Hollywood, USA said...

I noticed that I forgot to leave my name which is Rod Emelle