Wednesday, August 13, 2008

John Edwards and his side bitch... in Africa

John Edwards’s now-famous ex-mistress, Rielle Hunter, produced four short Web videos for Edwards in 2006.

This was before he officially launched his latest campaign for president... but during the time he was boning her.

“It was a documentary series of the many sides of John Edwards,” Ms. Hunter would later say. “I traveled for six months. It was great.

“We went to Africa, which was an amazing experience, going to Uganda. The whole experience was life-altering for me.”

No shit, Shirley.

Her Uganda “webisode” is embedded below. I can only assume Rielle Hunter was better at sex than she was at shooting video.


cuz said...

Did you now Edward's brother-in-law (Elizabeth's brother) is a documentary/non-fiction producer. Just a FYI.

Days like These! said...

He looks like a dick head.

LOL at--No shit, Shirley.

YOu crack me up all the time UBM!!!

Thembi said...

Racy stuff UBM!

John Edwards is too cute not to cheat ;)

makheru bradley said...

If you’re a politician and you’re going to get busted playin,’ at least go out with some style. These women that Slick Willie got busted with and Edwards’s lady friend couldn’t shine JFK’s shoes.

Since morality is not their forte anyway, Clinton and Edwards could have at least moved up to the level of Gary Hart (Donna Rice), Wilbur Mills (Fanne Foxx), Tom Evans (Paula Parkinson), or even ole Ed Brooke (Barbara Walters).

Kellybelle said...

Wow. She is not the lensman.

Kate Coe said...

Way back last October, I asked why, with all the unemployed film grads in the world, did Edwards hire a blond he met in a bar. Got lots of hate emails.

Now we know why.

Google her as Lisa Jo Hunter and she's got some bit parts.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Welcome to my spot, Kate!

Anonymous said...

If you are going to be a Man who is playing around on his wife, make sure you can stand up in the crowd and proudly say, "Yeah, I did her." And make sure she is hot and nice enough to be worth the pain you bring on your family.

JFK is an example of this, and was hitting some "Presidential" quality ladies that were beyond the reach of most mere mortals. Too bad he was sharing his date book with the Attorney General.

I think most people are tired of hearing about this affair.

Anonymous said...

side bitch...offensive. sexist?

eeaster said...

My sentiments exactly Makheru.If you're going to cheat and ruin your life, at least go HOT. Actress, super model, fly-ass business chick. Why would he embarrass his wife and kids for this lame piece?

Sexist, yes, but true.

Undercover Black Man said...

side bitch...offensive. sexist?

If I were serious, maybe.

odocoileus said...

Apropros of nothing, I found out the other day that the Dutch speaking black folks of Surinam have a specific word for side bitch,


I happened on this when I was googling Ruud Gullit, on the news that my boyhood soccer hero was quitting as the coach of the LA team. Gullit is the son of a Surinamese econ teacher and white Dutchwoman who was his side - well, buitenvrouw.

(Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of white chicks get left by the brothers they hook up with?)

Undercover Black Man said...

(Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of white chicks get left by the brothers they hook up with?)


Vince Spence said...

undercover black man said...

side bitch...offensive. sexist?

If I were serious, maybe.

David, I very seldom see you write frivolous material. When you do some tongue-in-cheek, it is usually pretty obvious. In my opinion, you were a little more 'serious' than you thought you were.

(Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of white chicks get left by the brothers they hook up with?)

I think if your topic is the quality of guacamole in California, someone will post the black man/white woman comment. Is their self esteem that low? Many, many black men are good looking, intelligent and very funny. Why would it surprise anyone white women, Hispanic women or Asian women would NOT be attracted to them? The only picture of a celebrity I have on my computer is Halle Berry. Not because she is black, green or orange. She is an incredibly beautiful woman with a smile that flat out kills me. Get over it. Certain white women are attracted to certain black men. And, to a lesser degree, vice-versa.

I am a white guy and I use a washcloth when I shower. I bet that shocks a lot of people.

UBW said...

Since Edwards is the one who's married, I think that makes HIM the "side bitch," not her.