Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Jesse really said about Obama?

Been wondering about the other stuff Jesse Jackson said about Barack Obama during his “hot mic” fiasco last week? The stuff that Fox News held back because, as Bill O’Reilly put it, “We are not out to get Jesse Jackson”?

Well, the Daily Kos tonight passes along what New York radio host James Mtume supposedly said on the air this morning: that (according to Mtume’s “respected source”) Jesse called Sen. Obama a “no-good half-breed nigger.” Or words to that effect.

If this is anywhere close to true, you can bet Fox News will find a way to put this sound bite on the air. Probably this week.

UPDATE (07/16/08): In a letter to Cathy Hughes yesterday, Fox News boss Roger Ailes “categorically den[ied]” that Jesse Jackson called Barack Obama a “half-breed nigger.”

The blog TVNewser reports that Jackson did complain, however, that Obama was “telling niggers how to behave.”


odocoileus said...

Sounds like political theater to me.

You're in a desperate struggle for white middle America's votes. They don't trust you, but one man they absolutely hate wants to cut your nuts off. You couldn't ask for a better turn of events. "Jesse Jackson hates him, he can't be all bad."

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Which might be the only reason Fox News held this part back (if true): it would redound to Obama's benefit.

jjbrock said...

UBM I heard Bill make that statement too that they don't have anything against Jackson and they were not trying to destroy him.

What was the reason for showing that clip? It serve no purpose at all. I believe they are talking with Nas to see what he think about the other information.

Malcolm said...

holy s**t

If true, it could bring down both Jackson AND Fox news.

They (fox) can talk all they want about not wanting to do Jackson harm; but if the story is true, it is significant news (since both Jackson and Obama are high profile people).

If it is true, then it really isn't Fox's decision as to whether to report it or not (at least from a journalistic standpoint).

It's going to be hard for them to explain sitting on this but spending hours worrying about Hannah Montana's naked shoulder or Rev Wright's ranting.

Antonio said...

As easily as stuff gets leaked these days, it's hard to believe this won't be public very soon. I'll believe it when I see it.

A statement like that is too outrageous to be real. I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face if Jackson said some crazy shit like that.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Dave, come on now. You know that shit, as antonio said, is too outrageous to be true. What's your source for the rumor?

Kellybelle said...

Oh hell no. I hope it's just a rumer. I hope Jesse had more sense than that to say some crazy ish like that.

And what is up with the NAACP? They actlike if Barack is elected, it will put them out of business. Well, when your business is peddling for pity, maybe it will.

cuz said...

Eh! I don't think it's true. Besides, this story's run out of gas. It's on to THE NEW YORKER cover of Michelle a la Angela Davis fist-bumping Barack in the Oval Office with the US flag burning in the fireplace where Osama bin Laden's portrait hangs over the mantle piece. But a pretty damn interesting article inside the magazine about his Chicago days. Then it's on to his Iraq plan in the op-ed section of today's NY Times. I wonder how much ad time and space the media sells when BO is the cover story. Go to the source, or check Huffington Post for all the links.

Undercover Black Man said...

I believe they are talking with Nas to see what he think about the other information.

Oh snap, JJBrock! :^D

Phelps said...

Of course, if Fox reports what DKos is saying, then it becomes a Republican rumor, right?

Undercover Black Man said...

You know that shit, as antonio said, is too outrageous to be true. What's your source for the rumor?

I linked to the source, DeAngelo.

Here's the thing: O'Reilly said multiple times that Fox was holding back part of the tape that would be "damaging" to Jackson... so it had to be bad.

Jackson himself, if you'll recall, during his damage-control apologies last week, said the other stuff he said was "trash talk, garbage." So it had to be bad.

If I didn't think this was likely to be true... or close to the truth... I wouldn't have posted it.

We'll soon see.

Francisco said...

So no thoughts on the 'New Yorker' Obama cartoon cover then? I appreciate the humor, but it was imflammatory to make thge cartoon the cover. It could've just been properly framed in the article as satire. My paranoid side thinks Hillary has some undying support at the New Yorker.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Dave, my bad. I missed the link because I was a little incensed. Still don't believe the rumor. But if true ... stupid beyond stupid for someone that's still living with Hymietown.

Jerome (aka Rome) said...

Those rascals over at Hillary Green Mountain are at it again.

Can't believe them.

Jorge Vega said...

Truth or rumor, I care not. I personally find the "cut his nuts off" comment way more serious.

I mean, say what you want about my bloodline... but don't you mess with my giblets.

makheru bradley said...

As the political world turns or wobbles and drippin' with sarcasm:

Santita Jackson is godmother to the Obama's oldest daughter.

"So god-mommy, please explain to me what your daddy wants to do to my father?"

Will Santita get tossed under the bus?

Thembi said...

See this is that Old Negro Mafia stuff. Who says "no-good" or "half-breed" anymore? Sounds suspicously like the "whitey" rumors.

As to the threat to Baracks beans, I have to believe that Fox only reported this for two reasons:
a- to shame Jesse Jackson, which is pretty lame considering no one really cares what he thinks except for white people who believe that he represents us.
b-to indicate how SOME black people MUST feel about the way that Barack speaks to black Americans because hey, if Jesse Jackson wants to start nut cuttin' then plenty of black Americans must want to do the same thing.

Jesse Jackson does not have his ear to the streets.

bklyn6 said...

Well, the Daily Kos tonight passes along what New York radio host James Mtume supposedly said on the air this morning: that (according to Mtume’s “respected source”) Jesse called Sen. Obama a “no-good half-breed nigger.”

Now that's "juicy."

The Obenson Report said...

I'll believe it when I see it.

Then again, the more I think about this, can't we simply just dismiss the entire incident as nothing more than good old fashioned male bravado? Ignorant, yes. But men can be foolish like that sometimes.

It won't be the first time I've heard one black man refer to another as "no good;" it won't be the first time I've heard one black man refer to another as a "half-breed;" and it certainly won't be the first time I've heard one black man refer to another as "nigger." Sure, I suppose it might sound "weightier" when all 3 parts are combined, but is it really? Often an exchange like this leads to not much more than a exchange of aggressive primal chest-pounding, and soon it's squashed over laughter and a couple of beers!

I've heard worse descriptions uttered on Def Comedy Jam. Yes, it's comedy, but maybe we should place Jesse on that stage, with a microphone in his hand (imagining Cosby doing stand-up), speaking those same words, with the same expression he wore on the Fox clip. The audience would likely go wild!

Jesse's mistake was starting shit in a "stranger's" house.

I'm not buying my argument completely, by the way, but it's another way to look at this...

Regardless, if he did indeed use those words, and it's proven true, many will call for his "retirement."

jjbrock said...

@The Obenson Report "if he did indeed use those words, and it's proven true, many will call for his "retirement."

Retirement from what and were?

The Obenson Report said...

JJ - not a literal retirement, hence the quotes... rather just another way to say that he'll have to go hide under some rock somewhere and not show his face for awhile. Essentially a retirement from public view/service.

Dan Coyle said...

The most unbelievable thing about all this? O'Reilly saying he's not out to get Jackson. C'mon!

Chris R. Cosby said...

White racists bribed Jesse to say what he did.

Mr. Jackson was 'Mr. Teflon' long before we even heard of teflon...

Christina said...

What so sad about this, in a way, is to see how Jesse Jackson has been given the "crazy old man" treatment (I got that from a commentator on NPR.) And it's true. Say what you will about the man -- I have found him old-fashioned in his views -- but there was a time when Jesse was very much a leading voice of black American. Now times are changing, and he's being shuffled off the stage...SHOVED off the stage, really. And then at the NAACP, Obama repeats what he said about personal responsibility and is basically hailed as a hero (personal responsibility is just a no-brainer to me, but whatever.)

As just as observer, I watch this and think that it's got to be painful for Jesse. Maybe he didn't know that a lot of black people don't really feel he represents us anymore. To feel the ground go out from under your feet like that when you're saying something you think is in DEFENSE of your people has got to be dizzying.

Anonymous said...

Before I explain my take on Jesse Jacksons comments, I think all of us Black American’s need to reflect back on history and try to understand the course or path that have gotten us this far, before we start to make judgemental statements about how Jesse should just ride off into the wild blue yonder. Mr. Jackson has raised the conciousness of American debate more on racism, social, economic, political and legal injustice than any other African American in our nations history, since Dr. Martin Luther King. Regardless, if some of you think that, over the years, Mr. Jackson has been self serving. You must remember, that as a man, he has had to feed his family just like everyone else. Many of you are responding out of ignorance, not really understanding your history or the nature of Politics. Jesse Jackson has been on the forefront when many cowered and exiled themselves for fear of reprisal or retribution if they spoke out. There are some leaders who have even left the country to live in other nations only to find the same oppression of darker peoples prevalent in their respective lands. There is a saying that, “people are the same wherever you go.”

I believe that the “crabs in the barrel syndrome” is not applicable in this last instance here, regarding Jesse’s statement about how it would be wrong for Obama to follow Bushes’ race based initiative program. However, Jesse could have kept the metaphor to himself. He did not mean it literally. The statement made, was for the benefit of all of us whose grandfathers slaved for generations for no wages. You see, Obama’s father fled the country, for whatever reason. But our grandfather’s are buried in towns and cities all over this nation. So before those of you who wish Mr. Jackson would quietly leave the scene, it was him who stood up for us when no one else would. To this very day, he has remained convicted with hope despite his mishaps and occassional blunders. None of us are perfect. His political genuis and oratory skill is unmatched in the African-American Community.

This generation of leaders and its constituentcy has not had to endure the struggle and pain of the baby boomer generation and some of their parents that are still here today. Matter in fact, we are your elders, and you must respect us with every ounce of civility in your souls. The oppression that we all have had to endure has left a lasting scar on the American psyche that will never be erased, no matter what black person is catapulted to the highest office of this land. Sometimes, people have to be put in check and must not take anyone or anything for granted. For God giveth and God can take away. When a child is growing up and he does something wrong then gets corrected by his father, although it may seem grievious, that father still loves and receives love in return. This is when forgiveness overrides any emotional hurt or pain. What we witnessed was a mutual respect of two men who are fighting the same battle at the same time. One older and wiser, and one younger and still learning. Was Jesse’s statement one of insubordination, no, for he is the elder statesman and in any family, the elder uses his ability and wisdom to correct, enforce and reward when it is necessary or merited.

Being an African-American man in this country has been a castigating experience for millions who have been disenfranchised, marginalized, shutout, scapegoated, slandered, abused and denied equal access to the playing field by the white ruling class. Matter in fact, the reason why some of your fathers did not stay around is because they were denied a chance to prove themselves and some chose to walk away or cop out. Jesse Jackson stayed and is still here. There is a lot that you people need to learn! When you decide to examine the chronicles of history with a microscope than you will come to understand why standing up is the mark of a true man! Even if he has to draw his sword! Liberty or Death! You decide! Only cowards walk away! No one needs to tell Mr Jackson when to retire, there are many lessons that you kids still need to learn. Wake-up people and unshackle your minds for "it is a terrible thing to waste.”

Plantsmantx said...

Mtume? That's the Heath...son, right?

Michael Murray said...

I can't look at Jesse without thinking of the Eddie Murphy Hymietown skit.

"Don't let me down...."

Antonio said...

uh oh. Looks like it's true.