Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sumo time

Good thing it’s Hooray for Asians Day. I wanted to show this clip from Al Jazeera English, but I didn’t have a reason to... apart from my mild fascination with Japan and its culture.

(I am really digging Al Jazeera’s cultural coverage, insofar as the U.S. media hardly gives a squat about the rest of the world.)

So here is a 12-minute report on the state of sumo, Japan’s national sport. Who knew it was bouncing back from a scandal... a fatal case of traditional bullying?


Lola Gets said...

Man, I have been hanging out hard with my Al Jazeerian buddies for the past few weeks! Dont tell anyone, but I have developed a few crushes on some fellows I didnt have occasion to work with before, *shhhhhhh*. Man, I hate when Im faced with situations like this: I dont wanna choose, I want them all!

Oh, I found out why Dave quit, but I dont wanna say it here...mayhap Ill remember to email you, lol.


Undercover Black Man said...

^ Thanks for that, Lola. I, of course, remember Marash during his local-anchor days alongside Jim Vance. Interesting to hear how he parted ways with Al Jazeera.