Thursday, May 8, 2008

One from column A, two from column B

Let’s finish Hooray for Asians Day with some laughs. Below are video clips of three Asian-American standup comics, courtesy of Comedy Central.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Henry Cho, Sheng Wang and KT Tatara. (And ignore that message on the top one about “This video is no longer available.” It’s there.)


GenevaGirl said...

Cho - funny
Tatara - funnier
Weng - funniest

Thanks for the chuckles.

Lolo said...

Tatara - first place and truest
Weng - second and still funny
Cho - third and funny but not as much

And Tatara nailed it, you people totally make asian jokes while we're standing right there cuz noone thinks we'll punch the shit out of you. So much for the "all asians know kung fu" myth although my son is part of the pushback on that. His teachers complained how some of his classmates seem to be a little afraid of him and we said "oh, you mean those kids that used to call him "ching chong faggot" until he got bigger than all of them? Good."

dez said...

I love Henry Cho. That "bless your heart" thing is great. Learned it from a Southern pal and still use it.

Tatara has the best delivery, but Weng had the funniest jokes of all of them.

Undercover Black Man said...

I like Sheng Wang the best. Facially, he reminds me of Fred Armisen.