Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jimmy Carter just don’t give a shit

I predict this will become an issue in the presidential campaign in the next week or two. Clinton and Obama will be asked to take a position on Jimmy Carter’s trip. Fox News and right-wing talk radio will churn this up against the Democrats. You’ll see.

UPDATE (04/10/08): Fox News jumped on it tonight... on Hannity’s show as well as Greta Van Susteren’s. This one will get nasty.


DeAngelo Starnes said...

I applaud Carter's efforts. Like Powell said, you can't run away from the fact that Hamas won an election that the U.S. demanded be conducted.

Dialogue and diplomacy have to be engaged. As much as they think they can get away with it, you can't blow the world up. And you're not going to kill all your enemies. That's just not realistic thinking.

The thing is that we, as a public, gotta get beyond soundbite and sloganeering fear-mongering. We have to begin to expand our thinking beyond the "fill-in-the-blank" country or organization is a terrorist country so we can't talk to them. "Fill-in-the-blank" country/organization's people don't deserve justice or peace.

The U.S. isn't always right. Neither is Israel, China, Iran, India, Great Britain, Venezuala, etc. But the way the media paints most of these issues regarding the exercise of diplomacy reminds me of some high school shit. "Such and such is not my friend, so you can't talk to her/him, either." Some silly shit.

SJ said...

Good for Carter. While I believe Hamas is a dangerous organization, the US and Israel has to sit down and talk with them.

The video said that Kofi Annan and Nelson Mandela may also be part of the delegation. Does it get any more high-profile than that?