Saturday, April 12, 2008

Can you believe this is pornography?

Kellybelle is a relatively new blogger. I like her style. Mental health issues are her specialty. But yesterday she posted what I’ll call a “smoking confession.” (If that’s not a bona fide genre, it ought to be.)

I posted my smoking confession in February 2007. And I enjoy reading about other people’s love-hate relationship with the demon weed. Kellybelle’s piece is lovely.

What does that have to do with pornography?

Well, after reading it, I decided to Google “Dunhill menthol” (which I bought a pack of last night). This led me to a thriving YouTube subculture of “smoking fetishists” and the women who cater to them.

I’ve known about the smoking fetish for years. (The Internet has brought all kinds of kinks into the daylight.) But I still don’t get how the sight of a woman smoking cigarettes can make some guys wanna play with themselves.

That’s human beings for you... silly and impossible to figure out.

Below are a couple of “SF” videos from YouTube. (The British seem to be especially into it.)

If these make you horny, you can thank me in the comments section by trying to explain what’s so thrilling about it.


Kellybelle said...

I think it helps that the women are pratically fellating the cigarettes! They're rounding their lips, throwing their heads back, so as to elongate the neck/throat area. I was half expecting them to moan and swallow. Ewwwww! LOL

Bklyn6 said...

I only watched half way through the first video. Maybe I need to be a guy to get all hot and bothered by this.

What next? Ice cream cone licker porn?

I don't smoke, but I do LOVE ice cream cones. Thing is, I'm always conscious of eating them in public, especially soft serve in the summertime. They tend to melt and drip and run down my fingers, resulting in a hot, sticky mess. So I have to lick around the base where ice cream and cone meet, in order to prevent this. I have to lick my fingers too, sometimes.

Okay, I could eat ice cream in a cup, with a spoon, but I love the cone too!

Anyway, does cigarette porn mean that women will become more conscious about smoking in public? On the bright side, maybe this will lead to smoking cessation! :-D

fishesalot said...

Didn't get turned on by the smoking, but the dark haired smoker is smoking HOT!


Lola Gets said...

Ok, Im at the library, which means I cant see the videos. But I think I can understand the allure...somewhat.

Youve got someone putting something in their mouth repeatedly. Theyre using their lips in a variety of ways and theyre also using their hands a lot. Could be construed as kinda hot.

Im not a smoker myself, but I will say that I like clove cigarettes. A buddy of mine at Al Jazeera smokes them. I had one last March along with an espresso...lets just say that Little Lola was super spastic for the next hour or so. Shit, I scared myself with that behavior!

My new job is across the street from AJE. I see folks smoking outside all the time. One of these days, when I see my buddy, Im going down to get me onea dam clove ciggies. One day....


Anonymous said...

I personally don't share the fetish, but the whole phallic thing in the woman's mouth is in full effect. I am sure that works for some folk.

Des said...

I take it that no one here has ever felt the direct physical effects of cig. smoke on.....oops, perhaps I've said too much.