Saturday, April 12, 2008

More sista-blogger confessions

Women be getting stuff off their chests in the blogosphere.

And I like it when people share their private shit with the world.

Hollywood used to tell stories about grown human beings. Now they only make movies about comic-book superheroes. So I go to blogs for the kind of truth I used to get from art.

In addition to Kellybelle’s smoking confession yesterday, two other sistas have made interesting revelations lately...

Wandarful took her measure as a Muslim... and graded herself a D+. (“Bad Muslim, baaaad.”) I’m hoping she will write more about her faith and what led her to it.

Lola Gets threw out a term I’d never heard before: “passive suicide.” She says that’s her... always thinking about killing herself, never acting on it. (“This is My Depression.”) Believe it or not, there is humor in this. Especially if you own cats.

Keep on sharing.


SJ said...

Interesting post. It ain't easy being a Muslim, that's for sure. It takes a strong commitment...especially the prayers part. Though my parents are devout Muslims, they were never really that strict about religious matters on me and my brothers.

I gave up the religion about 2 years ago. Still can't force myself to try alcohol and pork though.

Wanda said...

aww. thanks for the blog love UBM!

Undercover Black Man said...

^ As-salaam Alaikum!

Lola Gets said...

Im glad you saw the humor UBM, cause I wasnt sure if folks would get it. And I would think those same sentiments would be true is one were a dog owner too!


Lola Gets said...

PS - I should be doing a Part II to that post soon, so come check it out!