Friday, April 11, 2008

Another free Alice Smith download

I gave a little love to up-and-coming singer Alice Smith last October, so I know some of you are fans.

Y’all need to know about a five-song, live-’n’-unplugged performance that Alice did for AOL’s It’s available as a FREE podcast.

Follow this link and you can download it... either as an audio MP3 or a video file.

Want a sample? Click here and check out Alice Smith’s stripped-down version of “Gary Song” on my Vox blog. This woman can blow.

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Lola Gets said...

I LOVE HER! The first time I ever heard of her is when I accidentally caught her on a lste night tv show. Wow! She was in DC a several weeks ago, but I was too broke to go. Perhaps next time. Hopefully the tixs will still be cheap, lol.