Friday, March 21, 2008

Keep It Honest in ’08

Desmond Burton of Afronerd has done the work of launching a new group blog – Keep It Honest in ’08 – focused on the dirtier aspects of this presidential campaign.

This follows through on last week’s exciting conversations at Afronerd Radio featuring me, Michael Fisher, DeAngelo Starnes and other black bloggers.

I intend to contribute original material to Keep It Honest in ’08. Matter fact, I posted something last night. Follow this link to read it.


Thembi said...

UBM: Not to plug my own blog but you'll really get a kick out of my latest post although I doubt it's worthy of Keep It Honest ;)

DeAngelo Starnes said...

thembi, the Keep It Honest campaign is a network of blogs as well as a central one. So if you have something that fits or is related, by all means, shoot a post directing folks to it. I'll check it.