Friday, March 21, 2008

Coming attraction: ‘The Dhamma Brothers’

I recommend you keep an eye out for a new documentary film called “The Dhamma Brothers.” It’s about an outreach program that trained hardcore prison inmates in Buddhist meditation techniques.

Intriguing, right?

The movie opens in New York City on April 11, then spreads to San Francisco, L.A., Seattle, Portland and Boston in May.

Also, “The Dhamma Brothers” will screen at the Green Mountain Film Festival in Vermont next week, and at the Sarasota Film Festival in early April.

Here’s the trailer:


dj said...

What's the tag line for this movie?

Even though they were behind bars,they were allowed to go "OM,OHM,AUM" anytime they wanted!


"A breathtaking movie that transends the screen!"says,
Ned Itation of Chi-cago Now & Zen

OK I'm done for now.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Don't ask about the "bodhi cavity search."

tanyetta said...

1:03 on the video

I bet that one dude was nodding off. i'm just sayin.

ok, let me stop.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Hee-hee...

Kellybelle said...

That was beautiful. I love what the guy said about freedom though he may never leave prison.
The comments are funny though.

dj said...

On a serrious tip,meditation can not only be relaxing and calming,but can allow one to travel outside of ther body.
A mental vacation or a energy/spiritual one,doesn't matter and if we are supposed to be rehabilitating and protecting society by imprisioning people,as opposed to punishing,then it's all good.
What could be better for someone,who is surrounded by death and violence, by four walls,bars and razor ribbon,than to be able to escape from it?

The inward reflection that takes place just as beneficial to us as it is them and would be interested to see what the recidivism rate would be for those released.

I would think even lower than that of education,job training or traditional Christian(reform,LOL) programs.

I will look forward to seeing this movie as well,as said elsewhere it is too bad they weren't able to discover this gift before they commited crimes.

Brother OMi said...

thanks for this
will check out

ken long said...

meditation can be very relaxing; done properly in the buddhist tradition, it's a lot of work to get to that state, after you have worked your ass off to leave the hard work behind you.

i hope they find the serenity at the heart of darkness, on the edge of the void, in thepresence of the light, at the balancing point