Monday, June 4, 2007

Nicholas Stix explained?

At the risk of boring some of you, I have to say I’m intrigued by Nicholas Stix, the Internet journalist who still… still!… believes “Yacub 7 Ali” and his cult of Negro Sun Worshippers actually exist.

Stix is the only quasi-legitimate writer to have spread the notion that there’s a group of blacks on the Web actually celebrating the vicious rape-murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville.

I may have discovered the reason why.

Blacks used to bully him as a kid.

Before I get into that, let me share some good news. The folks in charge at – a grassroots-media website that draws as many as 80,000 unique visitors in a day – removed a few paragraphs from Nick Stix’s May 29 article on the “Knoxville Horror.”

Stix originally wrote: “Some black supremacist activists have… publicly expressed their love for [the accused murderers].” He cited Internet comments posted by “one of the contributors to the black supremacist Web site, Svengali Media, which celebrates all black-on-white racist atrocities, and has cheered the rapes, tortures, and murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom…”

Here, now, is the “editor’s note” attached to Stix’s story:

“Some material in this article which discussed the site Svengali Media has been removed. It was not essential to the main points of the article and functioned as a distraction because of the questionable nature of the site and the material contained on it. …”

I had sent an email to Blogcritics publisher Eric Olsen and his political editors last Tuesday, explaining that Svengali Media is not a genuine black website. It labels itself, on one webpage, “cynical humor, more offensive than amusing.”

As Dave Nalle, a Blogcritics editor, wrote in a blog comment last Tuesday: “My first assumption when I saw the site was that it was a highly developed sarcastic parody of some sort…”

If Svengali Media seemed fishy to Dave Nalle, and seemed fishy to me, and seemed fishy to those on various Internet discussion boards where the hoaxster has trolled (such as this one)… why didn’t it seem fishy to Nicholas Stix?

In response to my email, Stix wrote to Eric Olsen that the Svengali Media site “has the distinct flavor of black supremacism, as I have known it… firsthand since childhood…”

Since childhood? What does that mean?

Nicholas Stix is in his late 40s. He grew up in Long Beach, N.Y. – a largely white town in Nassau County – in the same neighborhood Billy Crystal grew up in. So where did he learn of “black supremacism”? Perhaps the answer can be found in a piece Stix posted on August 22, 2001.

As a prelude to his discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Stix shared a recollection of his youth. A youth during which “almost every day meant a fight.”

Stix doesn’t say that his bullies were black. But now that he has made an issue of his childhood experience with “black supremacism,” we can assume they were.

If only Mr. Stix would write directly of the racial bullying he endured. Maybe we could all learn something from that. (I’m sure he’s not the only one who could tell such stories.)

What Nick Stix should quit doing is believing everything he reads on the intertubes. And spreading made-up horseshit about a “Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights competition.”

So here’s what he wrote in 2001:
NICHOLAS STIX: “Arthur, you’re going to have to stop messing with my family,” I said, standing in Arthur Harris’ doorway. Arthur said, “Wait a second,” and went back inside his apartment. On a hunch, I went into in my apartment, a few doors down, and got my friend, “Hank Aaron.” I returned to Arthur’s doorway, where he and his friend, “Jim Bowie,” greeted us.

I didn’t tell Arthur that I was going to kill him if he tried to step across the threshold, but that’s just what I was going to do.

For thirty minutes at dinner time, we stood there. In silence. Arthur and “Jim,” and me and “Hank.”

I’d never seen such a big knife. Choke-a-horse big. And yet, after thirty minutes, Arthur agreed to call off his buddies. I then returned to our apartment, where for the next thirty minutes, every muscle in my body shook uncontrollably.

Now, I’m no Audie Murphy. I’ve always been pretty much of a coward; in combat situations, I’ve had to rely on keeping my wits. Most of the time, I’ve bluffed my way out; since I almost always had to fight much bigger, healthier opponents -- and as the last Jew in my Long Beach neighborhood, almost every day meant a fight -- I developed methods of scuffling and clutching much bigger boys to a draw.

In a poor neighborhood, if you’re a teenage boy with no man or big brother around, it’s incumbent on you to protect your mother. If necessary, you kill for her. Otherwise, your choice is to stay and die, or run and hide. (Not that my mother held that view; she was a good “liberal,” which almost got me killed on many an occasion. She has since been mugged out of the worst of her socialist excesses.)


Anonymous said...

Ahahaa.. what exactly is an "official Web detective?"

This just keeps getting weirder by the day.

Anonymous said...

No, it doesn't. This whole SvengaliMedia schtick just gets stupider and will only get even more stupid until it evolves into a gigantic black hole of stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I agree with you 100%. It's incredibly stupid. It's still just utterly weird as well.

And come on, "official Web detective." Can't you picture some dorky guy with a plastic badge who thinks he's 1337 because he can use some malformed HTML to make all the text on this page a link to yet another one of his websites.

S.O.L. said...

If that guy is a "cyber detective," he's a lousy one. And gullible too.

Nothing he writes about UBM is even remotely true. Nothing is factual at all in his post. Nothing. Well, he did spell David's name right.

So we'll give him, I don't know, about zero credibility. Less than zero.

Undercover Black Man said...

It's the same guy, S.O.L. It's the hoaxster. Don't bother feeding him. Just observe his work for whatever entertainment value it may provide.

Undercover Black Man said...
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Undercover Black Man said...

Anybody having trouble posting comments today?

dez said...

^ I had trouble reading comments after all that weird linkage, but then again, the embedded videos and my work computer's firewall don't like each other, so I have trouble posting here anyway (unless I'm on my home computer).

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Same issue Alan Sepinwall had to deal with, huh, dez? And he wound up ditching the video embeds altogether.

I have no idea how many people check me out at their job, but since I surf totally from home, I've become really hooked on the video embeds... as a reader of other blogs, and of course in programming my own.

What a drag about that firewall issue... keeping me from the people...

LeaNder said...

Now this is strange. I have a lot of problems with videos on the net lately. stop, go, stop, go ...

But I do not seem to have any in UBM's case. And I can't figure out the superordinate rules behind this. Some work fine, some don't.

I am a technical nitwit. But I am on Firefox and using "No script" have allowed completely. Not the scripts concerning the related stuff. But it works fine.

S.O.L. said...

Works fine for me, too.

I still can't believe that guy Styx believes all that stuff. And what's with this "I got beat up as a kid by blacks" shit that makes it okay to be a racist?

Like he's the only kid who had a tough childhood. I love the part about killing to defend your mother or be killed. Really?

And how he belittles his own mother for being "liberal" as if liberal equals weak. The biggest canard ever by conservatives. He can't be a journalist if he has preconceived opinions about the way the world works and allows this into his stories.

This is the one problem with the internet. Anyone can claim (and receive) legitimacy by putting up a webpage. The problem is there are so many borderline cases like Styx, that the stink extends to legit bloggers, too.

Goes back to people using commonsense and smarts to figure out who is legit and who is just full of shit. It seems that most folks (read: NOT Nick Styx) have figured out that the Yacub Ali 7 ridiculousness is bullshit, which gives me hope in the future of mankind.

dez said...

^ Same issue Alan Sepinwall had to deal with, huh, dez? And he wound up ditching the video embeds altogether.

Well, only after several of us told him about the problem (plus he asked on his blog and had several more people chime in that they preferred links to embedded videos).

I don't know why our work firewall gets all squirrelly over the embedded videos, yet gives me no trouble looking at stuff on CNN or MSN or the like. Of course, is completely blocked...hee....

Anonymous said...

He's a funny guy. You should catch his posting on the hemings "fraud".