Sunday, June 3, 2007

‘Come On Cavs’

I’m not a big basketball fan. But I happened to be near a TV set when LeBron James carried the Cavaliers to a double-overtime win against the Pistons in Game 5 of the semis. I bowed down to his greatness.

Now I’d love to see the Cavs take it all against the San Antonio Spurs.

My thanks to Pandyora, who turned me on to a funky “fight song” floating around the intertubes from back in 1977, when the Cleveland Cavaliers were contending. It’s called “Come On Cavs.” It was sung by Julien C. Barber, a local jingle singer.

Click here to hear it.

Former Cavalier Austin Carr called this the greatest NBA fight song ever. Uhhh… not to be a hometown partisan or anything, but the funkiest NBA-related jammie of all times has got to be “Game Seven” by D.C.’s mighty mighty Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers.

If you don’t know, the rallying cry of the Washington Bullets during their 1978 championship run was: “The opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” Bullets head coach Dick Motta was famous for this line. Chuck Brown just took it to the rim and stuffed it.

Click here to listen to “Game Seven.” (Chuck doesn’t get to singing till the final minute.)


Andrew said...

I'd prefer that the Cavs end up winning the finals, but for now I'm just glad that Lebron saved the American public from being subjected to another finals series between the Pistons and Spurs--quite possibly the dullest finals of all time. Lebron will now at least provide something exciting to watch in the series even he does end up getting sweeped.

Undercover Black Man said...
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