Friday, November 27, 2009

I ate so much yesterday...

... I couldn’t sleep through the night. So there I was at 3 a.m., scanning through all the cable channels, and I saw the same infomercial playing on four different channels simultaneously.

It was for TimeLife’s “Sweet Soul of the ’70s” CD set. My first time seeing that infomercial.

Also my first time getting an extended look at Cuba Gooding, Sr., father of the well-known actor.

Cuba Sr. was lead singer of the Main Ingredient. Click here to hear my favorite hit of his, “Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely.”

Below is a 4½-minute interview with Mr. Gooding off of TimeLife’s YouTube channel. He tells an interesting tale about “Everybody Plays the Fool,” the Main Ingredient’s biggest record. Turns out it was written with Charley Pride in mind...


bklyn6 said...

You know what's crazy about this? I JUST saw Cuba Gooding, Sr. on "Judge Joe Brown" a few minutes ago. He was being sued. (Didn't watch the show though; Judge Brown's drawl grates.) I remember Sr. before I even knew who Jr. was.

My favorite Main Ingredient song is "Happiness is Just Around the Bend."

Hey. For a split second I thought that was a picture of Curtis Blow.

Undercover Black Man said...

For a split second I thought that was a picture of Curtis Blow.

Oh snap!

Val said...


I saw him too, what a coinkidink! I didn't really watch it either. I was just surprised that Cuba Jr. didn't talk his dad out of doing a courtroom show but then I remembered who Cuba Jr. is.

bklyn6 said...

^Yeah, Val. I was wondering why it even got that far (court room tv, I mean)? They say any publicity is good publicity but still.

I also wondered if Jr. helps his dad out financially?