Friday, September 26, 2008

If federal elections had a swimsuit competition...

... then Gov. Palin would surely display more poise and confidence than she did with Katie Couric last night.

How do I know?

Because yesterday, a college student in Juneau uploaded a vidclip of Sarah Palin (when she was Sarah Heath) during the swimsuit portion of 1984’s Miss Alaska pageant.

Suffer through the young YouTuber’s first minute of witless warm-up. You will be rewarded. This one’s going mega-viral.

Or you can wait for Keith Olbermann to showcase it on “Countdown”... with his own minute of witless warm-up. One way or another, you will watch this.

Now, see the screencap above? Anyone still wondering why the black chick won?

UPDATE (09/26/08): The bad news: This video has been pulled from YouTube because of a copyright violation.

The good news: The copyright claim was made by Splash News, an international paparazzi agency.

If rights to the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant video are owned by paparazzi, that means the footage will find its way to the marketplace. Especially now that some demand has been ginned up.

UPDATE (09/26/08): As of 4:12 p.m. (Pacific Time), the video can be seen here. Move fast. (Thanks, DRE.)


JD Rhoades said...

Damn it, I want to see the interview portion. You know there's comedy gold right there.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I think Katie Couric showed that interview portion on CBS last night!

But seriously... the YouTuber says to keep an eye out for her flute-playing in the talent competition.

Malcolm said...

wow. didn't take long for THAT video to be pulled.

That's OK. GILF's in swimsuits is never in style.

Malcolm said...

and FYI... there's a web site I use called KeepVid that allows you to download YouTub vids to your computer.

It comes in handy when you have videos that get yanked after 5 minutes.

So far, I've counted 4 version of this video that have been yanked within the last hour.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Oh crap.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

You's a helluva dude when you're Johnny-on-the-spot. Keep turning up the heat, Dave!

On an unrelated note, playing Quincy's Body Heat. Helluva musical statement. But I'm pissed they didn't list the personnel on the cd. From memory and those that know, correct a brotha:

Boards: Billy Preston, Dave Grusin, Herbie Hancock

Guitar: Wah-Wah Watson, Eric Gale

Drums: Bernard Purdie, James Gadson

Bass: Ray Brown, Jerry Jermott

Horns: Tom Scott, Jerome Richardson, Oscar Brashear

Vocals: Leon Ware, Bernard Ighner, Minnie Ripperton, Patti Austin, Al Jarreau (doing vocal effects on two songs including If I Ever Lose This Heaven)

Incomplete list that I'm dying to complete.

Re-run that piece. BTW, Leon Ware is an underrated songwriter from the 70s. Wrote most of Marvin's masterpiece, I Want You, and his own, Musical Massage. Sexxy, sexy music.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Thanks, DeAngelo.

I never owned "Body Heat," I'm embarrassed to say. says Bob James, Hubert Laws, Grady Tate and Frank Rosolino were also involved... but it doesn't provide a comprehensive list.

HIM said...

Part of it is still here at

HIM said...

I have it in the basement, sir D. Give me a second and I can give the lineup

DeAngelo Starnes said...

As I'm listening to "Along Came Betty". I realize I missed Bob James and Hubert Laws. I was trying to recall Grady Tate's name.

I love their version of "Along Came Betty."

Getting to play Keith Jarret & Gary Burton next. Then Jeff Beck's Blow by Blow.

If I Lose ... just started. Killing!

bklyn6 said...

Anyone still wondering why the black chick won?

You wrong. :P