Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lip gloss

On Fox News this afternoon, weekend anchor Julie Banderas reported that lip gloss might lead to skin cancer. (Seriously.)

Ms. Banderas added playfully: “What would the women at Fox News be without lip gloss?”

Seriously, she said that.

And I know what she means. I’ve seen Pussycat Dolls wearing less makeup than Fox News babes.


Francisco said...

Completely and utterly Out-of-Topic, but why did the league let Wesley Snipes to do 3 years in the slammer? That was cold, yo. Was Halle too busy procreating? Baraka was too busy losing his ass in PA?

Also, OT, but, dude, I've heard that David Simon got another series on the way in HBO and HBO Mexico has 'Capadocia' which is like 'Oz', but with women only! (awesome, right?) So get your ass out of the house and do some scripting, my brotha. That Toyota Corolla ain't gonna do the monthly payment by itself!

Now, we return to the continued awesomeness of the UBM blog.

bklyn6 said...

Julie Banderas used to do the local news on Fox here. I don't recall if she wore lip gloss, but I do remember the black, smart girl/geeksta glasses she wore.

Cal said...

I also remember her doing the local Fox News. I think I remember a story where here real last name is something else, but she started using Banderas to play up her Hispanic heritage. I think Banderas might be her mother's maiden name.

UBM, you are right. The Fox News chicks are heavy on the makeup. I always wonder if you see them without it, would it be a total different story.