Friday, April 18, 2008

A free Paul Randolph download

Randolph (a.k.a. Paul Randolph) is part of Detroit’s thriving “underground soul” scene. He sings, he writes songs, he plays the bass.

What I’ve heard by Randolph so far reminds me of another Detroit mover – Amp Fiddler (whom I have blogged about here, here and here).

Randolph has a new album out called “Lonely Eden.” Coincidentally (or not), Amp Fiddler plays on one cut.

Let me stream that one fer ya, because it’s tasty. Click here to listen to “Claim.”

That’s not the freebie, though. Tonight’s FREE MP3 is off Paul Randolph’s debut EP from 2005. Click here to hear a clubby funk track called “About Last Night” on my Vox blog.

To download that track, click the song title below.

“About Last Night” (MP3)
EP available at iTunes Music Store
EP available at eMusic
EP available at Amazon

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Superbizzee said...

His voice is cool. I'm really feelin him on the new Jazzanova single "Let Me Show Ya" though.