Monday, April 28, 2008

A free Grupo Fantasma download

Grupo Fantasma is a Latin funk band out of Austin, Texas. Guess who’s a big fan?

Prince, that’s who. Matter fact, the Grupo Fantasma horn section backed up Prince on “The Tonight Show” last Friday.

Grupo Fantasma will play at New Orleans Jazz Fest this coming Sunday, and at Bonnaroo in June. Fellows are definitely on the rise.

I got a FREE MP3 for you. Follow this link to the South by Southwest website and you can download “Mentiras.”

Click here to spin it on my Vox blog.


Anonymous said...

I listened to their piece on your voice blog. Nice! I'm going to download it now. Thanks!!!

Do I miss good latin music! I lived briefly in Spain and revelled in all music from all over the the Spanish-speaking world. When I moved to Switzerland I thought that I'd have access to the same diversity in music from the francophone world. Not! We butt up against the backwater of France and the radio stations here are top 40 only and unedited rap (not my cup of tea). I've actually given up on the radio except to listen to the traffic report.

Jonathan Buckingham said...

Let me also echo a great performance that I saw today on my boob tube. There is not much on this wretched thing that really makes me stand up or more accurately stay on my couch. However, during my drift through unemployment with my wonderful girlfriend Emily, we have found that every weekday like clockwork at 12pm on WGN (thank god for cable) Homicide comes on.

Today's episode dealt with the housing towers that used to dot the Baltimore Skyline. The episode dealt with Meldrick and Kellerman working a case involving Muslim security guards and a murdered drug dealer. The point is all the actors did a great job but I was fascinated with last scene of Meldrick (SP) looking at the return to normalcy at the towers and surrounding area. The look on his face, although I am not smart enough to fully describe it, was one of emptiness, doubt and confusion. It just hit me emotionally in a way that was profound. With all the contradictions he was dealing with, being a black cop in that city and facing doubts of his own as well as those of his fellow Poh-leeze and those of his fellow African-Americans, the look on his face perfectly captured not only his mood but also wrapped up another great episode of Homicide. Finding the correct tone in art is the most difficult thing.

THANKS MAN...your acting is a god send on a box that rarely brings such excellence.
Jo Nathan Dudley

In Regard to Barrack Obama's run for the White House. It will be a sad day for me and an angry day for me if he does not become the nominee for The Democratic Party. This is the first time in my lifetime that a candidate for the presidency really speaks to me and shares my views. God I hope he wins.