Friday, April 4, 2008

April 4, 1968: Walter Cronkite

Embedded below is a 3-minute excerpt of the “CBS Evening News” from the night Dr. King was assassinated.

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Destruction said...

My 3 fave MLK memories are:

1. When my mom couldn't think of anything better to tie on door in Baltimore during the riots then an old black bra. After everyone was asleep, I switched it with one of my dress socks. Wanted to make sure those rioters knew there was MAN up in this house.

2. When my son was 7 he wrote this comment about MLK for his class. "Martin Luther King was a very famous man who didn't know how to use his indoor voice when he was talking. It was okay because sometimes he talked outside."

3. Four years ago, I was cleaning the kitchen with my oldest grand who was 6 at the time. We were off for MLK's birthday, so I decided to play one of his speeches on the comp in the kitchen (geek here). As time went on, I beamed with pride as I watched the serious expression on her face as she listened intently. after about 20 minutes she looked at me and said: "Pops, who are the 'knee grows' and why can't they get what they want?" That's when I realized that I'd never used the term Negroes around her nor fully explained to her what MLK was talking about. So we had a nice long talk that day...and every year on his birthday, she reminds me of it. This is the first year she reminded on the anniversary of his death.