Friday, April 4, 2008

April 4, 1968: Jesse Jackson

In 1976, the Rev. Jesse Jackson appeared on a Chicago radio talk show to discuss the assassination of Martin Luther King.

Jackson said flat-out: “We contend that the government was involved in the assassination of Dr. King. ... The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that the FBI either had the drive to kill Dr. King, or to know of his killing and not pursue stopping it very vigorously.”

The complete 23-minute audiocast, from the archives of the Museum of Broadcast Communications, is embedded below.


Kellybelle said...

If JJ really believed this, shouldn't he still be looking for the real killers? Maybe he is, I don't know, but Jackson's embrace of politics seems to be at odds with the belief that the gov't killed MLK.
Did he really make that man say "whitemaile" instead of "blackmail"?

Nope said...

Ah yes let's make this day all about you Jesse. Whatever.