Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Progressive Dinner blog carnival is served.

A team effort by six different bloggers, spanning the oceans, has come to fruition. The Progressive Dinner carnival in now online... a cavalcade of random posts by anyone who chose to take part. (I contributed some of my recent pieces, just to see how this event would come off.)

I now point you to the six “courses,” so you may see for yourself:

Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails are at The Gonzo Papers.

Appetizers are at Change Therapy.

The first course is at Fallen Word.

The main course is at Anja Merret.

Dessert is at Fiction Scribe.

And after-dinner drinks are at The Lives and Times...

That’s a whole lotta bloggin’, baby. My thanks to Kilroy_60 and all of the hosts.

UPDATE (01/31/08): I also thank Mark A. Rayner for including "Return of the... EXCEPTIONAL 4!" in his latest Carnival of Satire, which was posted today.


isabella mori said...

hey, thanks for letting people know about this. it was quite the effort but i think it paid off. getting to know really interesting bloggers this way, like you!

enjoyed your post about zevon. "dead or alive" was one of the first records in a big collection i owned a few lifetimes ago. it was one of the albums i'd play over and over and over again, starting it, falling asleep as it played, waking up after it ended, turning it over, playing it, falling asleep again ...all night long ...

Undercover Black Man said...

Isabella, thank you so much for the work you put into the mega-carnival! Glad to get acquainted with you.

And thanks for the Zevon love. I look forward to drinking deeply from his well.