Saturday, January 5, 2008

More good-time carnival fun

Let me point y’all to a couple of fresh “blog carnivals” that include some of my previous work.

The Carnival of Satire links to my Ann Coulter audio remix from October. (Thanks, Mark A. Rayner.)

And the Carnival of Rock and Roll links to my “Britain’s biggest hits of 1970” post from last week. (Thanks, D.A.N.)

My fellow bloggers, I recommend that you draw attention to yourselves by contributing to a carnival or two.

Matter fact, check this event out... a “Progressive Dinner Blog Carnival” scheduled for January 30: five interconnected carnivals, hosted on five different blogs, on the same day. The topics are wide open. It’s a free-for-all... a potluck meal, if you will. I hope to supply a dish or two.

1 comment:

bklyn6 said...

What! No carnivals linking to your "Giant Negroes" tales?! :-D