Sunday, December 9, 2007

A free Vesta download

Here’s something for ya if you happen to remember Vesta, an R&B singer from, like, 20 years ago.

Ask a nursing assistant to wheel your ass into the sun room, and please enjoy the nostalgic smooth-jazzy Quiet-Stormy stylings of Vesta as she sings Marvin Gaye’s “Distant Lover.” Click here to stream it on my Vox site.

(When we get old, y’all, our music becomes old-people music. Ain’t that a blip? But it’ll happen to hip-hop too. Just watch.)

Vesta put out a whole album of R&B covers (including a duet with Peabo Bryson) in early 2007. It’s downloadable from eMusic, and iTunes.

The track “Distant Lover” is available as a FREE MP3. Follow this link to


*Tanyetta* said...

I remember Vesta!!!!!!!

I guess I'm old! ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratuuuuuuuulaaaaaaaations! That's Vesta, right? I remembering seeing the video on BET back in the day and being confused about what she was singing. I asked my mom and got the runaround.