Thursday, August 9, 2007

‘American Pimp’ on UBM-TV

Let me tip my rabbit-fur fedora to Invisible Woman, who found on YouTube the 1999 Hughes Brothers documentary “American Pimp.”

It’s a humane study of an inhumane hustle... a window onto a hidden world. Albert and Allen Hughes showcase some real-life characters (such as Bishop Don Magic Juan, pictured) who, by the nature of their game, glisten and glide across the screen.

I got four slices of “American Pimp” now showing on my Video Bar.

Watch it as sociology, or listen to it as folklore – as vernacular poetry. You can hate it for the way of life it records. Or you can appreciate it as a skillful piece of filmmaking.

Or all of the above.


Ross said...

Nice post. Like it or not, we cannot deny the impact the pimp has had on the black community and to Hip Hop. Ice T is still trying to be a celebrity pimp.

justjudith said...

i was more partial to pimps up, ho's down -- it aired on HBO. i liked american pimp, but i first saw don magic juan (who's EVERYWHERE now) and mr. whitefolks on pimp's up.

novelera said...

I thought the documentary was FASCINATING and at the same time repellent. You can sort of see why these guys are good at what they do; they have charisma. But the callous way they refer to the women who support them is disturbing. But I'm just glad it was available. I saw it a long time ago, on HBO? IFC? Can't remember. That censorship hadn't removed this interesting "slice of life" from distribution is a good thing.

Invisible Woman said...

Love your fur lid UBM.... @novelera: very well said.

Lola Gets said...

I found "Pimps Up Hoes Down" to be absolutely hilarious. "American Pimp" seemed to provide more authentic details about the realities of the lifestyle. That was a true documentary.