Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Concert: Amp Fiddler

I showed you a little taste of Joseph “Amp” Fiddler back in June. Now, thanks to, here’s a full concert!

Back when he was keyboarding with the P-Funk All Stars, Amp Fiddler didn’t call much attention to himself. But wow, I love the retro groove he’s got happening now. (Even though I’m not into labels like “neo soul.”)

To remind you about the Fabplayer embedded below, that’s the whole show right there. You can push play and let it roll, or you can click forward and backward through the set list.

This gig took place in October 2004 at Amsterdam’s Paradiso.

UPDATE (08/10/07): Oh hell... something’s screwy with the coding this time. All those repeated songs ain’t supposed to be there. So do this:

Push play and check out the first tune – “Waltz of a Ghetto Fly” (from Amp’s 2004 CD of the same name). If you’re into it and wanna see more, follow this link and watch the whole show on


Anonymous said...

Thanks for hipping me to Fabchannel. This is da' bomb!

Invisible Woman said...

Thanks, UBM :-)

Anonymous said...

Neo-soul and other labels are those given to sounds infinitely more listenable than the sonic shit that passes for pop music.