Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday 12-inch Flashback: ‘West End Girls’

Everybody remembers “West End Girls,” right? A signature British synthpop record of the ’80s.

But I didn’t know that Pet Shop Boys originally cut a version of “West End Girls” with New York club-music producer Bobby O... and that the original 12-inch sounds like some Arthur Baker-style electrofunk. Check it out:


papasean said...

Those old sounds are like watching old video effects...still cool though. And I do remember hearing this version. With the JB Ugh!
Isn't the West End of London where the black folks hang out?

bklyn6 said...

cool find.

All the clubbing I did in the '80s, I never heard this version. However, I do have the other version on my mp3 player.

procrastinating redcoat said...

papasean - not necessarily. The West End is the theater and nightclub district, where Londoners of all stripes often go to party. When Londoners refer to the part of the town they're from, it's often East/West/North/South. Hence the "East End boys."

I don't think there is one particular area in London in where the black folks hang out. There are large black communities spread out over London, although South London (e.g. Brixton, Streatham) probably lays claim to having the largest black population.

Jeff said...

I've never heard this version either, but the liner notes to their "Discography - Complete Singles Collection" make reference to it.

quirkychick said...

Oh Lord - this reminds me of El Paso Cantina on a Tuesday night drinking $2 Long Island Iced Teas wearing giant shoulder pads, a bigger perm, lacey anklet socks with super high heels doing lines off a Nagel print in the corner and dancing for hours.

It wasn't pretty - but it was fun.

Geneva Girl said...

Quirkychick, you're too funny! You're "bigger perm"? Why did we ever wear those big shoulder pads?

uglyblackjohn said...

I grew up listening to KROQ and this was the version they (Richard Blade) played.

@ quirkychick - ME;
-Zodiac shoes (or espadrilles)
-EG Smith socks
-Genera cropped pants or Forenza cropped pants from The Limited
-And long shirts with the front tucked in.

dez said...

I love this version (also heard it a lot on KROQ). I think I might own it on vinyl--will have to check out the collection to see.