Thursday, October 29, 2009

Elvis Mitchell interviews Chris Rock

Been writing for the past few weeks, so I haven’t gone to the movies... or even felt like going to the movies. Which means I haven’t seen “Good Hair,” which opened nationwide last week. But I intend to.

My man Elvis Mitchell interviewed Chris Rock on his radio show, “The Treatment,” last week. I love listening to these cats shoot the shit.

Click here to hear a 3½-minute excerpt on my Vox blog. If you want to stream or download the entire half-hour conversation, follow this link to KCRW.


John B. said...

Whatever happened to Elvis Mitchell? I thought he was one of the NY Times's best film reviewers, and then he disappeared. Did he quit, or was he fired? I can't believe he would walk away from a great gig like that.

MSPubRadSM said...

Here is a recent interview w/Elvis, (who hosts The Treatment every week on radio and podcast

This article tells you why he left NYT

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Thanks for that link, PubRad.

wanda loves... said...

Listened to the entire interview. I don't really agree that all black culture is pop culture idea, but I get the point.