Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random hotness


lawegohard said...

Oh this is hot. Power and Intelligence are always sexy. Bravo!

that dude said...

You upstaged your featured hotness with the UBM TV clip of Esparza Spaulding.

A fine chick with a giant afro playing a giant acoustic bass guitar? Are you kidding me?

Singing and composing on that level?

You trying to wreck my family.

Thanks for introducing me to her. Your first clip made me buy the album. This one has sent me on a mission....

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Let's open a nightclub.

Undercover Black Man said...

Oh this is hot.

She reminds me of Lynne Moody in this clip, for some reason.

bklyn6 said...

She's my girl crush. Smart, cute....

Geneva Girl said...

So, you think this Princeton prof, whom you've labeled as a leftist, is hot? Ya know, she's single. (Well, at least divorced.)

Ill said...

I've always been in love with the woman. She looks magnificent with those braids.

Undercover Black Man said...

So, you think this Princeton prof, whom you've labeled as a leftist, is hot?

Don't label me a labeler, GG!


Prof. Harris-Lacewell is a total leftist... and she wouldn't reject that designation. Why else you think she's the new favorite show pony of Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann?

And remember when she quit, charging another Root blogger with sexual harrassment? Not that that makes her a leftist... but the arcane feminist rhetoric she used to explain that mess was complete Hard-Left nomenclature. It was almost silly.

None of which has squat to do with her hottitude.

As for being single... she tweets and Facebooks non-stop about her "boyfriend," James Perry, who's running for mayor in New Orleans.

Geneva Girl said...

He's not even cute!

You know how those long-distances romances go. You might still have a chance. Oh, yeah, I ended up marrying my long-distance man. Oh, well.

that dude said...

My attitude is, unless you are married, you are single.

Of course, I had to get married to truly understand that.

Then I had kids, then I REALLY understood it.

In other words, go for yours, UBM! You've seen HIS GIRL FRIDAY, I take it.

And man...we could have a hot club.

lawegohard said...

^I agree with above.

I believe you can pull anybody. It's all in the Swagger. ;-)

UBM you guys would look good together.

@GG, congratulations on marrying your long distance romance. You should write a book on how you beat the odds.

Anonymous said...

I loved her lecture, but, would'nt the example of 'apple'(green, red) vs. Apple computer be more about denotative and connotative differences, as opposed to cognitive dissonance?

bklyn6 said...

^Hmmm.... I have no idea what "denotative and connotative differences" are, but I do remember thinking how her description of cognitive dissonance didn't quite jibe with what I read about it in "Mistakes Were Made, But Not By Me."

Illmathmatical said...

"Black" and "President"...Cognitive dissonance for most. She knows what she's talking about. Check out Gladwell.

UBM!!! You can pull that instantaneously. You got emmy's playa! Hollywood is the Zenith! She'd take Hollywood over Washington anytime. Imagine what kinda muse she'd be. A woman is a woman is a woman... Plus I think you may need a hot lil redbone like that... or pull Amy Holmes and get her mind right. Oh. Btw I concede Msnbc is a bit outta pocket but as long as we have Fox... We need Msnbc.

lawegohard said...

Tell u how UBM pulls her.

1. first delate all comments about pulling her.
2. Invite her to the blog or send us over to get her.
3. Don't mention accolades. Let her figure it out.
4. Just be cool ass UBM and watch her fall for u.
5. Next stop, a tweet about how she met this cool dude named UBM to her soon to be ex-dude.

With women, it's not who we are with, it's who we talk about. So the next guy I'm with, is the guy I'm telling my dude about casually. The guy I can't shut the f*ck up about is the guy I'm about to... well you know.

Now DELETE this comment.

bklyn6 said...

I found Carleton College's website an hour ago and can't pull myself away. There are video "convocations" (thought provoking lectures) from "specialists in a variety of disciplines." Anyway, I just stumbled upon Prof. MHL's lecture. I have no idea what she's discussing, but she could make the yellow pages seem intellectually stimulating. :-)

UBM, when you mentioned Lynne Moody, for some reason I envisioned Lynn Whitfield. :-?