Monday, July 27, 2009

New cuts from Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins

Where the P-Funk heads at? Rubber fans and funkateers... you out there? Because this might make your day.

Two of the guiding forces behind Parliament-Funkadelic are still actively recording. But you gotta search like a hound dog to find the product.

Keyboard genius Bernie Worrell is down with a loose avant-garde collective called Method of Defiance, one of Bill Laswell’s groove units.

The new Method of Defiance album, “Nihon,” was recorded live in Japan two years ago. It contains a cover of Funkadelic’s “Cosmic Slop,” with a wiggy Moog-synth intro from Mr. Worrell.

Click here to hear “Wootwo/ Cosmic Slop” streaming on my Vox blog.

Meanwhile, monster bassist and master showman Bootsy Collins contributed to “Funk For Your Ass,” a James Brown tribute CD released overseas last year.

Click here to hear “Let It Flow,” featuring Fred Wesley and the late Bobby Byrd. This track was co-written, co-produced, engineered and mixed by Bootsy, and he sings and plays on it too.

I can’t believe Bernie is 65 years old... and Bootsy’s still a big ol’ kid at 57.


DRE said...

You did make my day, UBM. That version of Cosmic Slop with Bernie's freaked out intro was very nice. I was mad when the clip ended. Now I have to find it and purchase it. My apologies for not realizing that you were such a big part of the "For The Record" history of P-Funk and Parliament Funkadelic. Your introduction in the book completely summed up the way I feel about the "P".

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Thanks, DRE.

Woe said...

Tightwork man!

Silent Watcher said...

Bernie is an absolute genius. He's worked with Laswell quite a bit since the early to mid '80s and they've produced some great stuff together.

Anyone in the NYC area this week should check out Social Librium. Bernie, JT Lewis, Blackbyrd McKnight and Melvin Gibbs (I believe). Two nights (7/29 and 7/30) at Littlefields in Brooklyn.

Dollar Bill said...

Very nice!
Too bad Bootsy couldn't get the full tour off the ground for the JB tribute.

Max Reddick said...

Oh, yeah. A pleasant distraction. I don't see me doing anything productive today. Sho' nuff diggin' this one.