Monday, July 27, 2009

Murdered today: Leanne Smith

This morning, 40-year-old Leanne Smith of West Philadelphia – a mother of two – was shot and killed in her car by her ex-boyfriend. The shooter then killed himself.

More than 7,300 black people were murdered in America in 2007, according to the FBI. (Compared to about 7,000 whites murdered.)

That’s an average of 20 black people a day murdered. Every day.

Of those 20 homicide victims per day in 2007... three of them were women or girls.


Geneva Girl said...

You could darn near do 20 posts daily about Philly alone. My hometown is in sad sorry shape. Field Negro used to keep a running total of murders over on his blog. The numbers were frightening.

Anonymous said...

yea this is something i'm very aware of. what's making you post about these incidents?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I've been trying to think of a way, for at least the past year, to illustrate the homicide crisis... the defining social problem of Black America, in my opinion.

Motivated anew lately by people talking like "racial profiling" makes America a hell on Earth for black folks. These people never tend to mention the hellacious murder rate.

I think seven days oughta make my point. Or I might keep it going.

odocoileus said...

My solution:

overseas exile prisons, in 3rd world countries where the costs are lower so we can imprison everyone who needs imprisoning.

Prison type one: Angola farm type (w/in the prison a working farm, various other jobs), for anyone who uses a deadly weapon to commit a serious felony. Life without parole, no exceptions. No furloughs.

Prison type two: supermax type, one hour outside a day, other than that, permanent lockdown. For anyone who commits first or second degree murder, life without parole. No exceptions.

You get caught doing one of these things, poof- you disappear. No one ever hears from you again.

I know, it's probably unconstitutional or unworkable for some other legal reason.

But under my plan, the scum who killed Jennifer Hudson's family would have still been in jail somewhere in the jungles of Panama or Guyana.

No major black politician or organization is seriously addressing this problem. Leaving the field clear for crackpots like me.

Undercover Black Man said...

No major black politician or organization is seriously addressing this problem.

Nor are the people demanding that they do so.

Anonymous said...

i feel you ubm. there are the cases where when a police murders someone it is a big deal. the first focus should be stopping our society from creating murderers. to terminate it being possible for our homicide rate to be so high. i have discussed with people the differences b/w countries with gun and weapons laws vs. the u.s. many people want to argue that the u.s. has the most freedom. these other countries have many many laws yet i feel safer walking down the street.

remember how they did that study on ritalin and black boys. the guns are doing them in.

Thrasher said...

UBM: Classic White Male Arrogance" I have been trying to think of a way..."

Then the UBM aka White male posing as a Black Man the continues his arrogance by claiming Black folks are not complaining enough..

Shit makes you wanna holla ..

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Dude... you live in Detroit, right? You dodge bullets as a way of life!