Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bernie in Brooklyn, tonight and tomorrow

If my Bernie Worrell post on Monday got you off – and you’re anywhere close to New York City – listen up.

Bernie’s new supergroup, SociaLybrium, performs tonight and tomorrow night at Brooklyn’s newest performance space: Littlefield.

SociaLybrium includes P-Funk guitarist “Blackbyrd” McKnight (pictured), bass giant Melvin Gibbs and drummer J.T. Lewis.

Shows start at 9 p.m. The price is $10.


DRE said...

Oh no! Bernie Worrell and Blackbyrd McKnight ? and I am all the way in Atlanta ? Doesn't seem fair.

Desert Man said...

Well, I'm all the way in Cali!

Didn't get into the groove from the Monday post, though, UBM. Bernie is the Jimi Hendrix of keyboards, but sometimes the diamond needs the right mounting.

DRE said...

Well, I did, and went out and purchased the CD. The Cosmic Slop with Bernie's opening and the Volunteer Slavery tracks are the truth!